Technorati-Edelman Blog Survey Results Published

    October 6, 2005

Things will be a bit quiet here until the weekend as I’m on the road. Meanwhile, take a look at the results of the Technorati/Edelman blog survey that was conducted late last month.

According to the two firms, Technorati contacted tens of thousands of active bloggers via email, blog posts and the networks of discussion and links those posts generated. The survey generated 821 responses during the week of 26 September.

In an email yesterday announcing the availability of the results, Edelman CEO Richard Edelman said:

The data is terrific – it’s very instructive and helps us improve our approach so that we can be credible sources of information to you and informed counsel to our clients. We’re actively sharing it across the PR industry and I plan to blog about the results tomorrow. Please feel free to blog about the study and your own interpretations of the results. I welcome your comments on my blog – – or via e-mail.

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