TauMed Expands Into Health Video

    October 2, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Visitors to the health information site TauMed will see the new video feature integrated into the service and the website’s community.

 TauMed Expands Into Health Video
TauMed Expands Into Health Video

TauMed CEO Tauseef Bashir chatted with WebProNews about the health search and community site’s newest addition: video, integrated throughout the platform. For TauMed’s userbase, it means a little extra content arriving in response to their queries.

The usual assortment of features are available for videos on TauMed. Community members can rate and tag them; they can flag inappropriate content as needed.

Options to link or embed the videos exist; Bashir said they developed the video player in-house, so it would have all the features they wanted.

TauMed lists videos related to a search by popularity within the category. Other related content from the Internet and the community also appears. "They get pushed the relevant info at any given time," said Bashir.

At the time of our chat, TauMed had about 130 videos on the site, with some of them contributed by the site’s community. TauMed continued to make security and privacy a priority with this newest feature, as they have with other aspects of its service.

Like community sites of all stripes, TauMed’s content will benefit if they can pull in more active users. Community questions show few if any responses from members, and the "Health Share" feature has enjoyed only sporadic participation.

It may be that TauMed and similar sites are running ahead of the curve at this moment. People use the Internet to find health information, but may balk at bring more participatory in a health community due to reasonable privacy concerns.

TauMed has tried to address this by participating in ScanAlert’s ‘Hacker Safe’ program, along with its internal focus on privacy. A greater shift in the comfort level of the web surfing public may need more time to happen to catch up to the possibilities of online health information services.