Take Vista Search To The Next Level

    February 1, 2007

Mike Torres writes about a hidden Windows Vista option that gives you a much more powerful search in Windows Vista.

Just hit up the “Folder Options” control panel and enable “Use natural language search” in the Search tab, and you’ll be able to make searches like “pictures taken last week”, “email from bill gates sent yesterday” and “music by enimen rated *****”.

There are a few things to be learned about the search syntax, and it isn’t for everyone, but it is certainly worth trying out, since, if mastered, it can make for some really amazing searches and search folders.

Bonus items:

The Windows Vista blog explains why different User Account Control prompts have different colors, and what each of them mean, so you can actually recognize at a glance the difference between verified publishers, unverified publishers, and prompts by the operating system.

Chris Lanier explains what the content restrictions will be in Windows Vista, and it is pretty clear from the list that Vista doesn’t contain more restrictions than XP.

In every case, Vista supports more content than XP, or the exact same content, and every already popular method of piracy is still supported.

It may be harder to pirate future technologies, but stuff like DVD will always be easy to crack.

Windows Live Search has released an SDK, giving you a ton of options for developing applications that use Windows Live Search.

Good for them, considering Google closed down their API recently, so I’d like to see Windows Live step into the void.

Long Zheng has details of the wallpapers that ship with Windows Vista. Turns out some of them are from Flickr.




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