Symantec Launches Mail Security Appliances

    January 25, 2005

Promising an Enterprise-level email security tool that controls spam by stopping it at its source, Symantec has introduced their Mail Security 8100 and 8200 Series Appliances.

Each tool is designed to reduce the amount of unwanted mail, while protecting Enterprise mailing systems. The 8100 appliance is designed to stop spam and the 8200 combines anti-spam tools with anti-virus protection.

Symantec features a thorough write-up on both models.

Concerning the 8100:

Symantec Mail Security 8100 Series reduces email volume up to 50% by stopping spam before it reaches the network, which significantly contains administrative overhead, network bottlenecks, mail infrastructure costs, and storage requirements. It is the only appliance from Symantec that shapes traffic at the TCP protocol level prohibiting spammers from forcing mail into a protected network.

Concerning the 8200:

Symantec Mail Security 8200 Series appliances offer the most accurate email security, powered by industry-leading Brightmail AntiSpam technology from Symantec, the global leader in information security. Brightmail AntiSpam technology leverages over 20 spam prevention techniques, delivering antispam effectiveness rates of 95% and the industry’s highest accuracy rate against false positives Real-time scanning, using award-winning Symantec AntiVirus technologies, protects against email-borne threats, while a mass-mailer cleanup feature automatically removes the emails associated with mass-mailing worms.

Enrique Salem, senior vice president, gateway and network security, Symantec Corp., had these comments, “Email is the single most critical channel for both internal and external business communication. Symantec is the only industry-leading company that can deliver best-of-breed integrated email security solutions at the network, gateway and server layers with multiple deployment options for all organizations.”

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