Surprise Your Newsletter Subscribers

    August 8, 2006

Keep your newsletter subscribers interested by mixing up the days you send out your newsletter. Subscribers will look forward to the enewsletters you’ll send when they know they contain valuable information.

If you offer your visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your enewsletter list, your main objective is to market your expertise, product and/or services to them on a regular basis. However, this doesn’t mean that the newsletters you send your prospective customers are a sales pitch for your business. They should be filled with quality information the reader will find interesting and useful.

The best way to convince your newsletter subscribers that your enewsletters contain valuable information is to send them on a regular basis, but on different days.

It may sound strange to be sporadic when sending your e-newsletters. After all, wouldn’t it make more sense to get your subscribers used to the routine of receiving a newsletter on the same day, every week? What purpose would it serve to be sporadic when sending your enewsletters?

The following are three very important reasons why mixing up the days you send your newsletter can mean all the difference to the success and growth of your enewsletter list:

* Avoid frustrated subscribers – If your subscribers become used to you sending a newsletter on the same day, every week, they will come to expect it all the time. Thus, should you happen to forget a week or two, you’ll anger your subscribers as they will feel lack of commitment. The last thing you want is to disappoint a potential client who is seriously interested in your services.

* Everyone loves a good surprise – newsletter subscribers will enjoy the pleasant surprise of receiving a newsletter from you when they least expect it, and will feel more inclined to read it.

* Something worth sending – Subscribers who are interested in your business, want to see that you know your stuff. They need reason to trust in your skills, and encouragement to buy your products or services. Therefore, it is imperative that your newsletters are full of new and interesting information every time you send them out.

Since it is unlikely that you will have valuable information that they will want to read all of the time, this makes it difficult for you to provide subscribers with worthy information if you send them weekly newsletters on the same day.

If you wait until you have something worth writing about before you send the newsletter, subscribers will believe that you took the time, and made the effort to provide them with real information they can use.

As you can see, creating an email newsletter routine for your subscribers isn’t always the best idea. Therefore, give your newsletter subscribers a reason to read the information you’ve complied for them. It is valuable information that will keep them happy and wanting more, not a schedule.

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