Sue Decker Defends Yahoo-Google Ad Deal

    June 23, 2008

The Yahoo-Google search ad deal isn’t so bad, according to Sue Decker.  People who dislike it just need to become better acquainted with the terms.  And Yahoo can always leave if something better turns up.

Sue Decker
 Sue Decker

Yes, in an interview with Reuters, Yahoo’s president seemed to repeat excuses most commonly applied to misbehaving friends and significant others.  Since the company’s situation is one in which statistics involving percentages or dollar signs could have been shown, it’s perhaps not the most encouraging sign.

Nonetheless, Decker explained, "This is a unique deal.  The market and the participants are still getting their arms around what this means.  It’s not a wholesale or even partial getting out of a business, and that’s where I think there’s been a lot of noise from various parties that are trying to characterize it as something different."

Also, "It’s our choice every day whether and how we might serve ads from Yahoo or Google, or a third party if we opened it up further."

We’ll see what happens, then.  At the moment, investors seem to be expressing their doubts by sending Yahoo down 1.5 percent very early in the trading day.