Success 2.0: Twitter Banned In UAE

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Twitter apparently makes it too easy to find out your country sucks. Following the fates of Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, BoingBoing and presumably others, Twitter is no longer accessible in the United Arab Emirates.

Success 2.0: Twitter Banned In UAE
A lot of moral corruption can be accomplished in 140 characters or less, it would seem. Or maybe it’s just too easy to talk to freedom-loving infidels that might pass on a mind-expanding link.

Whatever the reasoning, as captured at Joi.Ito.com, Twitter is persona-non-grata…er, networka-non-grata. An attempt to access the social network is met with this notice:

"We apologize, the site you are attempting to visit has been blocked due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates."

But that’s no reason for the folks at Twitter to despair. As Mashable’s Mark Hopkins points out, being banned in an intolerant country just means you’ve officially arrived:

"You know you’ve really made it as an online entity when an entire country bans your site. In terms of a rite of passage, it’s just after the wide-spread adoption and critical mass stages (which of course is followed by random companies banning you, and mainstream newspapers writing about studies on how inefficient the economy has become since your company’s existence)." 

And let’s not forget proposed legislation and school board fights. Congratulations, Twitter!

Success 2.0: Twitter Banned In UAE
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  • http://freezerpants.com Christian Sullivan

    While it’s true that Twitter is blocked here in the UAE, you are mistaken on the others.

    BoingBoing works fine, as does MySpace and Facebook. Orkut however is blocked, as well as Flickr and Skype (the site, not the service).

    But beyond your fact checking (or lack thereof), I am flatly appalled by your statements regarding the UAE. Not that I necessarily disagree, but come on:

    “..your country sucks.”
    “..talk to freedom-loving infidels ”
    “..an intolerant country”

    I can see you are a complete dolt with a soap box, so it almost pains me to bother with a response that will go largely ignored (and probably completely misunderstood), but nonetheless.

    (I will try to use small words so that I might save you trips to your “My First Dictionary”)

    The UAE isn’t an intolerant country, it’s a predominantly Islamic country. As for a measure of their intolerance, that’s completely subjective, but arguably the UAE is the *most* tolerant Islamic country in the Middle East.

    That said, it is still Islamic, and there is a very fine line that must be walked between upholding the ascribed cultural decency and still allowing the citizens (or those of a differing faith) access to the world at large. Sites like Flickr have bounced back and forth as they (Etisalat) have attempted to allow access to a popular service while upholding the moral code.

    In short, it’s pretty crass for you to criticize a countries laws and policies without A) Understanding the country or the logic B) Furnishing a legitimate argument, resorting instead to name calling and bigotry.

    For the record (as has been demonstrated with other sites and services) Etisalat *does* have a review policy, in fact, they appear to be very responsive to the desires of the public

  • Furious

     Etisalat is a wonderful organisation catering to the needs and desires of the people of UAE. Twitter has been banned because it is an evil program that corrupts our pious souls and pristine cultural sensibilities. You westerners need to understand that we as a society, have evolved very rapidly… its like taking a walk in the museum and taking the shortcut from the Stone age display to the modern age through the visiting display on oil exploration. The change has put a severe strain on the mental faculties of the law makers and custodians of traditional religion and customs, and we must understand that despite what comes across as draconian, senseless, and sometimes plain stupid, these venerable men have our best interest at heart… prostitution, drugs and money laundering are problems but not as large as the access to information by the masses. the masses have traditionally been illiterate blobs of humanity and so we need to preserve this valuable tradition. by denying us information, the guardians are only helping us maintain or culture. we dont have much else. yes the oil is there, and a few camels here and there… oh we are a deeply religious people too and some 500 to 600 years back we were doing really well as a culture, but then our time passed and we refuse to let go.. but twitter is evil. dont use that site. anyway, later, i have to pick up a few russian hookers and drive to a party on the other side of town.. 

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