StumbleUpon Goes Search with New Incarnation

    October 29, 2009
    Chris Crum

Update: Starting today, all StumbleUpon users can access the new interface, according to the company.

Original Article:
StubmleUpon launched a big redesign today. The new version of the site comes with a variety of new features, which the company says are designed to make it simpler, searchable, and more social.

"Our vision for StumbleUpon was simple–create a site where you could click a button and discover interesting, personalized and highly relevant websites," said Garrett Camp, StumbleUpon CEO. "We are now combining the power of discovery with search–and offering another way for people to access over 35 million user-endorsed websites."

With the new version of StumbleUpon, anyone can receive personalized recommendations directly from the StumbleUpon homepage, from any computer, without any registration or installation. The company says the new design makes it easier for new users to discover interesting content.

StumbleUpon Screenshot

The  company says the personal preferences and collaborative human opinions that go into making "stumbles" personalized applies to search as well.. The result is personalized and relevant search results, according to StumbleUpon. Search is available from every StumbleUpon page, so users can search through their favorites, others’ favorites, or just through friends’ favorites.

There is also a new and improved friend search feature, making it easier for users to find people they know and meet others with similar interests. In addition, users can see recommendations from people they know highlighted in search results, and easily stumble or search within their favorite sites.

"It’s great to see the original founders’ vision reflected in this release, StumbleUpon’s first major product release since its independence from eBay," said Ram Shriram, StumbleUpon investor and board member.

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