Streaming Media Ads To Reach $1.3 Billion

    June 27, 2007

Streaming media advertising is on track to reach $1.37 billion in 2007, up 38 percent over 2006, according to a report by AccuStream iMedia Research.

The report, "Streaming Media Advertising 2003-2008: Market Spend by Avail, Brand and Content Category," looks at the multiple revenue components driving growth, both by video category and Internet music radio.

AccuStream estimates inventory of 1.4-1.6 billion pre roll avails being sold against 2.1-2.7 billion streams/progressive download views per month inside professional, ad supported content areas.

Pre roll is projected to comprise 26.7 percent of gross video ad spend in 2007 and 28.5 percent in 2008.

In contrast, embedded or in-page placements make up an estimated 58.8 percent of gross billings in 2007 and forecast at 55.9 percent in 2008.

In game video ads are expected to grow faster than the overall market. User generated video is estimated to generate ad dollars from embedded video placements.

Cost per interactive click (CPC) applications could become regular features on larger aggregated catalog sites such as, music video sites and premium content sites published by the networks.