Stonecipher Faces Divorce

    March 12, 2005

Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher was ousted for having an affair with an employee, and now his wife is divorcing him.

68-year-old Stonecipher began an affair with a 48-year-old female executive in January, according to Boeing. A coworker found out and reported it to the company’s Chairman. Stonecipher admitted to the relationship.

“I’m just as blown away by this as everybody else,” his wife Joan Stonecipher.

According to a Chicago Sun-Times article,

“Joan Stonecipher says her husband is ‘capable of making suitable provisions’ to ensure she continues to live “in a style commensurate” to what she enjoyed during their marriage.

She also demands “her equitable share of” all marital properties.

The couple, both 68, were enjoying retirement before Stonecipher was hired 15 months ago to burnish the company’s reputation.”

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