Spammers In For Slammer Time

    August 22, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

During a hearing for Chris Smith, a federal prosecutor’s comments suggest future action against other spammers.

No one knows for certain why Mr. Smith went to Minnesota, but an existing warrant for his arrest on a contempt of court charge found him whisked into the waiting arms of the judicial system, according to an AP report.

While plenty of people who have been victimized by his and other’s bulk mailing scams would like to see him spend lots of time at the convenience of the federal penal system, another group of people will be watching the trial with interest.

During the proceedings, Assistant US Attorney Nicole Engisch reportedly told the judge a grand jury was hearing more evidence, not only on Mr. Smith, but other unnamed persons too. That comment suggests the feds may be readying additional warrants on more spammers.

Mr. Smith violated a court injunction while he was in the Dominican Republic, by removing $2,000 from a frozen account. His departure from the island to Minnesota led to his capture and confinement.

It will be interesting to see just whom the feds will target next in the war on junk senders. Enjoy those nice high-threadcount sheets and fluffy pillows tonight; somehow the federal procurement offices always neglect to order the nicer bedding.

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