Sony Busted Editing Halo 3 Wikipedia Entry

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Virgil Griffith’s Wikiscannner has helped uncover some new naughtiness by Sony, this time involving Wikipedia and a forthcoming competitor’s game title.

Sony Busted Editing Halo 3 Wikipedia Entry
Sony Busted Editing Halo 3 Wikipedia Entry

Halo 3 might be the most anticipated shooter for Microsoft’s gaming console ever since the original Halo helped gamers everywhere rationalize purchasing the first Xbox. In the competitive world of video games, not everyone shares that enthusiasm.

Not everyone tries to tweak Wikipedia to downplay a rival’s game title, though. Sony has been caught doing just that, according to Ars Technica:

The contributor claims that Halo 3’s graphics won’t look much better than Halo 2, citing a Time story from March. Page 52, if you’d like to look it up.

For some crazy reason MaxConsole ran the IP itself and isolated the IP range to a particular place: SCEE’s Liverpool offices. Someone at Sony isn’t too happy with the state of Halo 3’s graphics, and they want to talk about it.

MaxConsole said, “Sony added “Halo 3 won’t look any better than Halo 2″ to the entry, although the page has been corrected and locked from further alterations.”

Though Ars Technica writer Ben Kuchera said the minor edit does have a credible source, “If I were working for any of the big three (console makers) I’d be telling my employees to stay away from Wikipedia. It just doesn’t look good when stuff like this comes out.”

Sony Busted Editing Halo 3 Wikipedia Entry
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  • Matt

    oh you did it know sony you scared company,look when sony found out that Halo 3 was out selling its ps3 they had to go be inmature and put crap like that because they are scared. sony you messed with the wrong game halo 3 fan base is way bigger than the ps3,sony messed with the wrong people this time I wouldnt mess with Frankie or Lukem or sketchfactor they will tare you up. well any ways sony should of never did that. Sony sucks at everything I mean get caught editing something your not supposed to be doing lol thats so funny. well you dont see Bill Gates or the whole Bungie team doing that to sony,sony grow up.

    • crazy

      This guy Matt isn’t helping the Microsoft side if you read his post. I am a huge xbox and microsoft fanatic. I have an xbox, xbox 360, and xbox 360, elite. I own now Sony. But This grow up sony post sounds like a fourth grader wrote it. Yes 1 guy at Sony has done something nuts like he did. If they find out who, he will probably get in to some trouble with his company, and the embarassment to arise from this. But come on, you can’t point fingers at the whole Sony Corp. Those peopl have probably more degrees combined then people even working at Sony. They are getting publicity from this as well, which no matter what type it is, it is still publicity. If anyone is going to complain, please sound like you are over the age of 10.

    • George

      Well someone at microsoft did the same thing long time ago on wikipedia(and sow far got away with it):


      (changed 1.127 million units to 0 million units, yellow and green text box)

      If you don`t belive it take a look upon the Ip address, that`s from Microsoft alright:


  • eugene

    Sony’s not showing much confidence in its product if it has to resort to “name calling” type behaivior. Their marketing division is known to be really conniving. Remember the “All I want for Chritmas is a PSP” viral campaign.

  • crazy your a dumbass

    stfu crazy.. seriously no one cares how intelligent you think you are.. Sony is gay bottom line.. MICROSOFT FTW!!1

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