Social Network for Artists

    November 13, 2007

Every niche needs a network. With that, a Canadian publisher and philanthropist has launched a new social-networking site for artists. The name doesn’t sound like a social network – you’d think artists could be more creative. The site is called MyArtInfo and the man who started it does have a properly artistic (or should I just say French) name, Louise MacBain.

Not only for artists, the site is also for art galleries, art collectors and art enthusiasts. Artists of all types can showcase their work, exchange ideas, chat with each other online, and blog. The site is for the performing arts, film, poetry, sculpture, fashion, architecture, and design.

Along with the new social network the company relaunched, which is an online guide to art and culture, and includes auction prices and other records for more than 200,000 artists.

Not to wear out the trite but the site aims to be what MySpace is for bands, but for artists. The site has attracted 810 users from around the world in its first few days. There are more than 5,000 works on the site. Not only is it for artists to display and perhaps sell their work, but artists can communicate with each other.

The site is going after the long tail – art that may not do volume big enough for galleries or art that isn’t as commercially viable. It also gives artists a way to reach a larger, global audience.