Social Media Club LA

    September 15, 2006

If you are in the vicinity you should come…

Chris Heuer has been on the road setting up chapters of the Social Media Club

There will be a launch of four chapters of the Social Media Club over the next two weeks

If you are in the area, we encourage you to attend one (or more) of these meetings as Chris will be relaying his findings from the XPRL
meeting that is taking place in London on September 14th.

Unfortunately, there will not be a conference line available – but each meeting will be recorded and the audio files will be posted on the Social Media Club website (

Also, the first meeting of the New Media Release Working Group takes place next week on Tuesday and the notes from that meeting will be posted to this group as well as on the Social Media Club website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Kristie

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