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A WebProNews reporting team covered the SMX Social Media in New York City this week and delivered lots of unique video interviews and session reports.

For you eBusiness professionals reading WebProNews here are my top ten tips from the conference coverage that may help you become a social media marketing guru.

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1. Fish Where the Fish Are
Participate in social networking communities that consist of people targeted to what you are selling. It is much better to find a smaller niche “microcommunity” where you can have a networking impact than just spending all of your time on major social media sites like Facebook. Consultant Michael Grey adds, “You have to try to figure out where does it fit best for you and then try and go after that”.

2. Promote Yourself, Not Your Product
The temptation with social media marketing is to directly promote your product or service. Try to avoid this “Amway” approach at all costs! How often have you been to a party at a friends house and someone starts selling something to you. It just doesn’t feel right and you usually look to avoid that person the rest of the night. This goes for social media sites a well … use them to network, don’t use them to sell.

3. Get Experience In Social Media Before Marketing
Don’t try to use social media sites until you understand the communities. Rand Fishkin states, “Go into these communities, participate in the forum before you ever start trying to market yourself, your brand or website. That will give you the best possible grasp on what to do and how to do it.”

4. Don’t Rush Your Social Media Link Bait
Online Marketing Consultant, Brent Csutoras advises not to rush your social media link bait. He states, “Make sure it is a valuable piece. Don’t rush your social media link bait. Take the time to make it something valuable. In the end you really want people to link to you. If they don’t think your stuff is quality they are not going to link to you.”

5. Big Companies Should Create Social Marketing Strategies
Social networking is not just for entrepreneurs and small companies. PR Strategist Adam Sherk suggests that enterprise companies should create a strategy for participating in social media. Above all companies should be “transparent” and “visible”.

6. Give Them What They Are Looking For
Sarah Hofstetter of 360i offers tips when first beginning to use social media. Sarah says, “Figure out what it is you are trying to reach out about, who your target audience is and just make sure that you align the message with who you are trying to reach out to. Find the right kind of assets to promote to those target audiences. Make sure that you give them what they are looking for, not what you think they are going to be looking for”.

7. Watch For the Woahs of Social Media Marketing
Using social media sites like MySpace to market your product or service isn’t always a good idea. Cindy Krum of Blue Moon Works says companies should be aware that “people may judge your brand based on the people you affiliate with”.

8. Don’t Dilute the Quality of Your LinkedIn Network
Helen M. Overland of Non-Linear Creations talks about how to bring in quantity without losing the quality of your LinkedIn Network. Helen states, “You should build that core central quality network and then contact a couple of people who are open networkers with lots of people in their profile and add them to your network. You can then talk to all of their first and second degree contacts. You can potentially talk to a quarter million people on LinkedIn this way. That’s an easy way to add volume to your network while at the same time not really diluting the quality of your network.”

9. Be Careful With Social Media News Sites
Social news sites like Digg, Reddit, and Netscapeis are very popular and also very tricky to use to your marketing advantage. From WebProNews, “In large part, using Digg as our measuring stick, that involves getting chummy with the top 100 contributors, who control about 56 percent of what makes to the front page.” Advice includes creating titles and descriptions that make people want to read more, creating an identifiable avatar for yourself and understanding what they like and don’t like.

10. Play Safe In WikiPedia
President of Netconcepts, Stephan Spencer states, “WikiPedia is not a very safe place to play. Yes, it’s the encyclopedia anyone can edit, but it’s not necessarily the encyclopedia everyone should edit.”

Give us your thoughts on social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Strategies
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  • http://www.yovia.com Jalali Hartman

    The most important thing we tell clients is to build the network first, and then push content out to it. We have a methodology you can use:


  • http://www.body-rockin.com James

    I deal with 100’s of models that are promoting themselves via social networks and much of the info in the article you have on this subject strikes home.

    I see way to many of them joining just about any networking site some one tells them about.

    With their sole purpose seeming to see how many friends they can add and they forget that they should maybe concentrate more on the marketing side than how many folks they really don’t know that they add.

    I am on MySpace myself with the purpose being to network with models that want more real exposure for their websites if they have one..pay sites etc…but even though this info is front and center on my page I get add me request from models that then e-mail me asking what we do…what?

    They complain they get to much mail and can not reply but yet they try to use their pages to promote their business as a model and spend more time every day posting add this new hot friend of theirs but do not reply to those such as myself that really are looking for them with a valuable resource they should connect with.

    With over 2500 “friends” on my list more than 1/2 being models..10% are actually girls that reply to application invitations I may personally send to add their info to my site, the rest I see posting bulletins every day then maybe e-mails about they are to busy for anything else.

    My suggestion as related to this side of social media is to those in this field..pay attention to who is adding you, who you are asking to add you and make some type of plan on how you will screen important network mail and contacts that should be 1st you pay attention to.

    • http://ravimobile.blogspot.com/ ravi karandeekar

      I keep on reading this post quite offten to keep me on the track. Thanks for the post and commnets.

      pay attention to who is adding you, who you are asking to add you and make some type of plan on how you will screen important network mail and contacts – yes, thanks for the tip. This is very important, other wise there is no point in adding friends.

  • http://socialbuzzmaster.com Greg White

    Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

    Greg White

  • http://www.artmajeur.com/scissors Novell

    Putting up a design event, the EthnofashionDesignWeek, 5-8 December, Harare. I wonder if it could add value to your organisation. Its part of our social enterprise.

  • http://www.hyenaonline.com Hyena Pharmacy

    Rich, thanks for the brief good advice on
    social media marketing strategies…

    Social media is very cluttered and least
    understood term… At least you present it
    briefly in layman terms.

  • http://nutriumph.com Lina Kay

    Dear Editor

    I love your comment on the way you said deliver what you are looking for, I find that what exactly what I deliver to peoples my products exactly what they are looking for, a way to find back gravity weight and pressure.

    Lina Kay

  • http://http://www.mobilecontentsite.com/mobilecontentsite/index.php Lisa

    You have presented some very good points for social media marketing strategies making my concepts more clear now! One thing is very important to see what people want instead of giving them what you sell.

  • http://pravishseo.blogspot.com Pravish Thomas

    Hi Rich,

    Yeah great insight on Social Media.

    Few points from my side:

    # Social Media should be targeted and should not be spammed

    # Social Tehcniques must be linked to the subject and must be relevant which can drive targeted traffic

    # Social Videos are the best way to promote

    # Combining communities in Social can lead to exposure of new innovative people and experts all around the world which can contribute lots of resources for which users look for.

    # Live, Real time users are avaiable via social which is the best part – Communication would be instant and traffic can be driven instantly

    # Q & A can be sought out itself in Social by ENGAGING  say  "Social Meetup"

    Social Meetup, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Social News, Social Videos, Music  relate to SOCIAL MARKETING WORLD

    There are many and many strategies but for that u need to involve with USERS .



  • Guest
  • Guest
  • http://boots72.stumbleupon.com/ L.W. From StumbleUpon

    That was a fresh and to the point insight.

    There were three that stood out to me though.  I thought that they were all good tips, and I’ll probably use them all.  But here are my favorite 3:

    1. Go where the fish are.  We all remember fishing for hours and not catching a thing but that old boot at the bottom of the lake.  Go where the comments and discussions are abundant.  This is so powerful when you consider web 2.0 to be a viral method.

    2. Promote yourself / image, not your product.  How many people do we see promoting Viagra and other crap that we really don’t need? ( O.K., I’ll just speak for myself)  But your image and personality are what make you unique, so stick with what you know.

    3.  Big companies should start using social media.  Although I agree with you, and would definately have a team dedicated to just web 2.0 marketing if I had a huge million dollar company, I hope they don’t.  Personally, I hope they just continue to spend millions of dollars on AdWords and other marketing methods.  Let them talk down on social networking.  That leaves more fish for us…

  • http://travel-guide2india.blogspot.com travelling to India- Famous places in India

    One of the elements of social marketing is creating the hook. No matter what topic you cover in your website there will be many scary competitiors. To effectively compete with them ,you need to create the hook, you need to tell how you are different from whole alot of others.

  • http://transporter-3-trailer.blogspot.com Transporter 3 Trailer

    information about Transporter 3 movie. Coming soon trailer, photos, synopsis and other actual information about Transporter 3 movie.

  • http://poseidonprofit.blogspot.com Poseidon SEO

    Social Media Services could be the unique places on the internet to advertise without spamming if it’s managed well.

    Have a great day !


  • Jeffrey Pipes Guice

    I’m interested in reaching social network websites who are interested in trading equity for a $10,000,000 media campaign.

  • http://www.thebeachcombersinfosite.com Beachcomber

    10 good reasons NOT to touch Social Media Marketing.

    All the ‘gurus’ are touting it as the only way to go.

    I have avoided even VISITING one of the sites and shall continue to do so.

    As you say in #7 – you are judged by the people you mix with.

    In the case of Social Sites, lay down with dogs, get up with fleas!

    The Beachcomber

  • http://jembrana.net govi

    well.. I’m a newbie, can you tell me how to become familiar on a social media network? 

  • http://outcrazy.com Wiellyam

    Well, may this can be the first strategies. Maybe..

  • http://eviant.co.cc/ Siva

    this article is really good

  • http://www.kronikmedia.co.uk Web design company

    Social media has truly revolutionised how we market our websites on the inernet. There are many social networking websites, blogs, forums and bookmarking websites that are successful. It is time consuming and not feasible to choose eacha nd every site and market your profile. Different sites work for different needs. It is about getting a mix that works best for you.

  • http://vb.maas1.com/t77254.html ???? ????

    tnaks for post

  • http://www.online-fashion-marketing.com Guest

    Thanks – a great post. I especially liked the bit about networking before trying to market in a community. You really need to get a feel for the community otherwise it can all go quite wrong.

  • http://tombillips.com/ Tom

    Social media is great tool to let the world know that we are here.

  • Guest

    These social media marketing strategies are great. I’m using all of them right now.

  • http://www.applicationblocker.com Anelly

    People are blind to advertising. That’s why you need to offer him solutions (advices, support) to his problems but not products.

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