Snap Snaps On Bloggers For IntelliTXT Comparison

    March 26, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

When Google slid its new Text Link Ad product under the Pay-Per-Action rug, bloggers who noticed immediately started comparing the in-text advertisements to’s content preview bubbles. But’s none to happy about being lumped into the same camp as IntelliTXT.

While the in-text ads like the one IntelliTXT offers and Google appears to be offering look similar in format to Snap‘s preview bubbles, Paul Angles, Snap’s marketing director, points out that there are no ads in those little pop-ups.

These content previews have been met by the blogosphere with mixed reactions. Bloggers such as Michael Arrington and Guy Kawasaki both use Snap on their sites. Robert Scoble tried it out, but the flurry of negative comments about it may have moved him to quit.

"Yes, some people still don’t like us," said Angles. "But a lot more people tell us that they’re frustrated with sites that don’t have it."

Regardless, Snap is not the same as IntelliTXT. " does not deliver in-content ads," he said. "Our preview bubbles give users valuable information about what a link points to. That’s it. No ads."

Angles was also sure to let us know that Snap would be releasing a major upgrade to its product at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco next month and that has offered Pay-Per-Action search since May of last year.