SMA-UK Faces Scrutiny

    February 4, 2005

Think we don’t report on the criticism SMA-UK is getting … Think again — It’s unfortunate that, because of the major failure …

… of SEMPO to get things right, any future SEM/SEO groups will face the same scrutiny.

SMA-UK may or may not do better than SEMPO did, but you can be sure that those who supported SEMPO, will make sure that SMA-UK is given just as much flak as they received.

Should we just give up on any organization? Can anyone make the idea work?

From Threadwatch:

“There’s no escaping the criticism that things with SMA-UK have gone slower than we’d wanted. That’s both a fact and an admission there. However, the unstated part is just how much has been done that we did not expect to have done, or even be asked to do, at this early stage.

Helping other SMA groups around the world to get started for one very obvious thing. Here we are, just a few months old, and we’ve already been giving time to help support related endeavours such as SMA-EU and SMA-NA, (with another two or three other regional groups in the pipeline too).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely delighted that the idea has ignited so many people so very quickly, but it was not honestly anticipated at such an early stage, and so has taken time that we’d expected to put exclusively into SMA-UK.

There are some more exciting unanticipated projects and possibilities that have arisen too which are uncertain enough that we won’t raise false expectations about until they are more definite, but which do have to be explored, examined and given consideration. If those explorations look good, then you should hear about these around the end of the month following the next general meeting.

The one thing we want to do is to update the SMA-UK site with real information and solid progress. We can’t just update it with things that are mere possibilities (too much like marketing hype) as we consider our members smart enough to see possibilities for themselves.

The page will update as soon as we have real news, meaningful news, to report to everyone that is absolutely true and not just plans or possibilities. We’re taking our time, because we want to do this right.

In the meantime, anyone who wants to talk to us can get in touch pretty easily, and there are a few forum threads knocking around that can discuss some of the progress and planning that is not yet defined or certain enough to be on the site proper.

No excuses, there, just a straight answer.”

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