Skype Launches 4.0 For Windows

    February 3, 2009

Skype has launched version 4.0 for Windows that now includes full-screen video calling and improved call quality.

"Video calling has emerged as a very popular way for people to communicate online," said Mike Bartlett, director of product strategy for Skype.

"Whether it’s saying hello to your daughter at college or reading a book to your child while you’re away on business-video calling lets you have the conversations that make a difference and it really feels almost as good as being there."

Skype has added a new built-in bandwidth manager that allows users to have a better video calling experience even on a low-bandwidth connection. If users have a connection of 400 Kb/s or higher, a dual-core processor PC and a Skype Certified High Quality Video Webcam, it will deliver up to 30-frames-per-second of high quality video.

Skype Launches 4.0 For Windows

The company has improved call quality with a new audio codec that uses 50 percent less bandwidth than previously required

Skype has also added a new Conversations TAB to help users keep track of multiple conversations in one place and allows them to switch to their preferred communication method. Users can view Skype in two different views. Default View has everything contained in a single window and Compact View allows users to put each conversation into separate windows.

"The combination of feedback from tens of thousands of users over the last two years of development has allowed us to create a truly amazing experience that puts the focus on bringing people closer together even when they are continents apart," said Bartlett.