SixApart Acquires Splashblog

    March 13, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The Six Apart logo recently appeared on the SplashBlog website signifying a quiet acquisition (no announcement seems to have been made) of the mobile photoblogging company. The deal may be part of Six Apart’s recently announced plans to launch several new products and services.

Six Apart, whose software is used by corporate names like Amazon, Cisco, eBay, Wal-Mart, the Washington Post, and Yahoo!, announced last week the introduction of TypePad Business Class, a blogging platform intended to make it easier to create internal and external company blogs.

Thanks to a couple of astute blogospheric observers and some email confirmations, it now appears the new TypePad product wasn’t the only iron in the fire.

“I got an email earlier today via Plaxo telling me that John Chaffe from SplashData, makers of Splash Blog, was the new director of mobile at Six Apart,” writes Derrick Oien, president and co-founder of Intercasting Corp.

SplashBlog, which specializes in developing user-friendly software for mobile photoblogging, has been featured recently as a new service for the Treo and other Palm devices, as well as for Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms, according to PalmInfocenter’s Ryan Kairer.

A SplashBlog acquisition fits in with the Six Apart’s goal of simplifying the hosted blogging process. TypePad Business Class is one such streamlined hosted service geared toward companies with high-traffic sites who want to create and manage multiple blogs.

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