Simpsons Join Mickey In Supporting Blu-ray

    July 29, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

20th Century Fox will release content in Blu-ray format when those players become available on the marker.

The film studio reiterated its support of next generation Blu-ray DVD technology in a press release today. 20th Century Fox has been on the Blu-ray Disc Association board since October 2004.

The announcement confirms that shows like The Simpsons, 24, and X-Files will be available in the Blu-ray format. Walt Disney Pictures has been backing Blu-ray as well, and it is likely that Blu-ray developer Sony will make its movies available in that format.

Discussions between Sony and rival blue laser standard HD-DVD proponent Toshiba, which has the support of several other major studios, have been at an impasse for most of the last three years. Both Sony and Toshiba have indicated they will move forward and produce devices using their own technology instead of waiting for a single standard to emerge.

The Blu-ray technology allows a single layer DVD to hold 25 GB of data, while a dual-layer DVD can hold 50 GB. Current DVDs can hold less than 5 GB. HD-DVD supporters claim that while their technology won’t hold as much data, the transition for existing DVD manufacturers will be easier and less expensive than changing to Blu-ray production.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 will be one Blu-ray device available on the US market in March 2006. While that device may be expensive, its out-of-the-box support for Blu-ray and high-definition TVs in addition to its game playing function might make it a household choice as a limited media center.

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