Significant Backing for Mobile Video Streaming Service Qik

    August 26, 2008
    Chris Crum

Mobile video streaming service Qik just got some new big-wig investors. Ning co-founder Marc Andreessen (who is also a Facebook board member) and HP’s business tech manager, Ben Horowitz have invested an as-of-yet unspecified "significant" amount of money into it.

Qik has gained popularity among the tech blogger and citizen journalism circles, thanks to its ability to capture live video and stream it over the Internet. Its integration capabilities with Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and others will likely propel its status well beyond this demographic and into teen popularity.


A high profile investment could be just what the doctor ordered to help Qik achieve such widespread use. The mere fact that teenagers are tied to their mobile phones and social networks would suggest a big future for a service like Qik.

Of course, Qik isn’t the only service of its kind. Competitors like Kyte and Livecast will likely be courted by others with deep pockets as this section of the industry grows full force.