SES Toronto is Coming!

    April 20, 2007

It’s nearly the end of April, and *finally*, true spring has taken hold around these parts. Out my way, just west of High Park, the forecast is for sunny & gorgeous all weekend, which means it won’t be just the diehard runners frolicking in the park. Warning to swans: a horde of Torontonians will be stopping by to see you! In a perfect world, I’d be strapping on the rollerblades, but we’ll see if that perfect world gets sidelined by the workload.

And speaking of hordes. I’m going to wager that this year’s SES Toronto is going to be the best ever. Those of you who aren’t on my LinkedIn list, or who didn’t hear it through word-of-mouth at SES New York, may not be aware that I’ll be this year’s SES Toronto program chair. It’s a very exciting opportunity to rethink some of the content, and also a really easy job in those cases where all I have to do is re-invite top-rated speakers. More detail about that will be posted next week. Also to come: confirmation of a terrific keynote speaker.

This is my own (co-)blog, not the official SES blog, so here I’ll only be posting comments and maybe some photos of Toronto in Spring to entice you to come to the event. If you’re interested in more official details about applying for one of the few available speaking slots, stay tuned to the SES blog for my instructions to be posted later today. Or visit the SES site for program, sponsorship, exhibitor, hotel, and registration information.

One thing to note is that for a two-day event, you have to be very well-organized if you do attend, or you’re going to miss stuff. You also have to figure out a way to get to the parties and networking events on top of that. To make sure people don’t miss out on the social and business networking side of things, in addition to official events, you can sure there will be some "additional" events planned; some might be for the day before or the day after the conference.