SES Chicago: Tips From

    December 4, 2007

Everything can come together in Yellow Pages listings – these are what get some people to make purchases.  So this puts the Yellow Pages in a rather unique position, and Charles Stubbs, the CEO of, discussed what he’s learned in the industry at SES Chicago.

Charles Stubbs SES Chicago returns, and WebProNews is on hand to bring you reports and videos from the Windy City.  Enjoy our coverage this week.

“Everyday we have to create a great and compelling scene where consumers can go and find information,” he said.  Companies must do the same, and he added, “Continue to focus and build the site that users want.”

Not all places of business have embraced the Internet, however, so Stubbs pointed out one thing that the SEO community can forget.  “Calls are much more valuable,” he said, and act as a “common denominator” compared to clicks.

Still, there’s a lot that simply has yet to shake out. is working with video ads and mobile search, and the coming months and year will show just what’s to be gained in those areas.

Stubbs advised businesses, “You have to have a lot of time and patience, and there are many barriers of sell and entry.”  Also, “It’s all about quality, not quantity.”

WebProNews Internet reporter/anchor Abby Prince contributed to this article.