SEO Tools To Get Things Done

    December 10, 2008

In the session "SEO Tools" the panel discussed a variety of tools that can be used for site optimization.

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Bob Briski, Software Marketing Consultant, Raybeam, recommended the following tools:

Yahoo! Pipes

Google Analytics

Yahoo Site Explorer

Briski said "You don’t need a developer, you can do it all yourself." Integrate search analytics, simplify your life-and make money.

Horst Joepen, CEO, Searchmetrics, said a good SEO job needs the following:




Buzz – links

A minimum of 10 different tools to gather data and control effectiveness

Joepen says you must know what is screwed up on a site from a search engine’s view.

Data you must have:

Page Rank


Number of indexed pages

Keyword rankings

Keyword phrase/popularity

Google Analytics will simplify SEO. You need integrated SEO tools.

Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay, Inc., talked about SEO tools for SEO marketers in 2009.

What Clay sees in 2009:
2009 will bring behavior based search impact

SEO Tools To Get Things Done

2009 will bring intent-based search impact

2009 will bring local search impact

2009 will bring universal search impact

2009 will mean Ranking is dead

His tools: Browser Toolbar

It’s free works in IE and Firefox

Reports statistics about pages in search results

Performs searches beyond 1 engine

Clay said, " The difference between data and wisdom is what you can apply to your business and make it work for you."