Scoreboard Media Group Doesn’t Get SEO as Marketing

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Can you believe a professional search marketing company called the Scoreboard Media Group actually posted a claim that the first question you should ask an SEO consultant is:

“If you can rank a site in lucrative markets, why would you do it for clients instead of for yourself?”

And he’s not talking search marketing companies ranking their own company sites (which they should be able to do), he’s actually referring to why would you choose to solely provide that service to clients when you could make more money from that skill set on your own private ventures?

What he really means is why are search marketing consultants spending all their time helping other sites rank when they could devote a large port of their time / energy to ranking their own middle man or affiliate sites and make more money off that.

What kind of a question is that? Doesn’t he understand that SEO involves marketing empowered by various technologies? Most business don’t exist as a one man shop or solely as a website. Marketing is a separate skill from running an entire company and I think most of the websites that are directly profitable from just content creation and SEO related tasks (e.g. opposed to a physical business with employees, bookkeepers, inventory, professional services) are not particularly worthwhile. It’s surprising the author doesn’t get this, considering he claims to have “consulted and trained many of the top global brands in nearly every major vertical market.”. Some examples of site profitable from just SEO and content creation include: affiliate sales, PPC arbitrage, lead generation sites etc.

To answer his question I think devoting half of my time to growing one affiliate site or something similar would not only be very boring, but also not particularly valuable to the world. I don’t want to spend my life trying to get the most people to click on some crappy ads or buy stuff they don’t need. I realize there is some of this in regular search marketing as well, but it’s not only that. I spend a large portion of my day designing blogs, promoting sites online and helping small and medium sizes businesses understand and use the internet to be more effective and meet their customers’ needs.

Scoreboard Media Group Doesn’t Get SEO as Marketing
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  • Intern-Espionage

    You missed the point here and most of this post seems to be way off base. I think that section of the post was rhetorical and along the lines of, “Those who can do, do. Those who can’t, teach.” And if they can do, why are they ‘teaching’, not doing?

    Face it: most “SEO’s” are either selling Internet Snake Oil to unwitting clients. The few really good ones are generating traffic, scoring eyeballs, or increasing mind/marketshare for clients or themselves.

    If Internet Guy could be wearing out the buttons on their TiVo remote but instead are charging a client a GRR/mo to pull the strings behind the curtain, why ISN’T that an important to ask an SEO? The answer could help evaluate experience, motivation, and to what degree the SEO plans on adopting the client (and their goals) from the standpoint of a business-partner rather than an easy way to finance this months Porsche payment.

    Here’s something I’m willing to bet: when one of the Internet P.I.M.P.S who SEO’d his way to ranking (and maintaining) first page of Google for [ringtones] with a few of his affiliate sites a few years ago probably isn’t thinking about why he’s not adding something “particularly valuable to the world” while he strokes the check for his new delivery-miles Rosso Corso F430. And it’s even more likely that when the country club calls to confirm that he’s teeing off at 8:45, he probably doesn’t get a round of Ciara ft. Petey Pablo. But that doesn’t mean that the 7MM other people that do didn’t count.

    And for the record, for somebody that “…[doesn’t] want to spend [his] life trying to get the most people to click on some crappy ads or buy stuff they don

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