Send in the Mac clones

    April 14, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Rumors of a $399 PC that can run Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard began circulating, but we’ll be surprised to see the Apple clone business being reprised.

The first thing Steve Jobs did upon returning to Apple was to end agreements with third party hardware manufacturers to make Apple OS compatible machines. Now that OS X runs on Intel chips, some have hoped for a return of less expensive boxes that can run the Mac’s operating system.

Interest in a $399 machine from a company called Pystar seems to have blasted their website off the Internet, as it has been inaccessible this morning. Perhaps lawyers for Apple already dropped a “daisy cutter” of  cease and desist on the Miami-based PC maker. MacRumors noted that Psystar’s “OpenMac” violates Apple’s terms of service.

Apple made a resurgence on its hardware margins, especially with the iPod. If they haven’t moved to shut Psystar down yet, they will.