Semantic Images & SEO

    June 18, 2007

Very rarely do I come across software that makes me go “WOW”

Keep in mind that I read almost everything covering new social software.

Microsoft has a project team working on a piece of software called SeaDragon.

What is SeaDragon?

seadragon microsoft labsSeaDragon is awesome. I caught a video review a month or so ago and finally wandered back across it and need to share.

It is a way to link images to other images across the net. Using pixel information and meta data, SeaDragon has the ability to capture and infinite number of related images and being them together. Beyond that, it has the ability to connect angles.

What does that mean?

It can take 500 images of the Space Needle taken by 500 different people who posted them on Flickr and create a virtual image… pasting them together to form a comprehensive detail of entirely different angles. It can take a newpaper view and correlate one low resolution image to a hundred high resolution ones. It can take satellite images of the earth and overlay street and highway information.

seadragon microsoft labs

While this may sound like “just another widget” for online software, capabilities like this could revolutionize how we browse data on the web.

For the specifics of social media and search optimization, it also means that images will have to be tracked and updated on a pixel level. If you want to be found for the keyword “Coke” you may soon have to have an image of a Coke logo properly indexed and keyworded on your site.

Take a few minutes and watch this presentation. It is impressive. You can also visit the Microsoft Labs site for SeaDragon.