Sellers Drop Military Gear On eBay, Craigslist

MREs to body armor and night vision gear show up on sites

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Items stolen from the military ended up being fenced through sales online, as GAO investigators handed a House Subcommittee a laundry list of sensitive items they purchased.

This may come as a shock to some buyers out there, but just because you found it on eBay, doesn’t mean you should have been able to pick up something banned for resale by the federal government.

A study by the GAO, titled “INTERNET SALES – Undercover Purchases on eBay and Craigslist Reveal a Market for Sensitive and Stolen U.S. Military Items,” listed goodies that people who hate America probably have on their shopping lists. The GAO conducted their undercover investigation over a 15-month period ending in March 2008, at the behest of the Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs.

GAO found plenty of items up for sale that should not have been available to the highest bidder. F-14 components, of value currently to the Iranian military, showed up in a couple of transactions. Military-spec night-vision gear turned up on eBay. Stolen body armor showed up on Craigslist.

Both Jim Buckmaster, Craigslist’s CEO, and Tod Cohen, eBay’s VP of government relations, appeared before the Subcommittee to discuss the matter with curious Representatives.

Buckmaster talked about the Craigslist business model, and assured the Subcommittee in his testimony that “Craigslist did not collect so much as a penny” on the sales GAO made through listings on the site. He also complained that the GAO report implied only one person at Craigslist works on enforcing terms of service in combating fraud, saying this is a “top priority for a majority of our employees.”

Cohen said in testimony eBay has policies, people, and technology in place to help keep prohibited items off of the site as well as removing them when they appear. He said eBay looks forward to coming up with more ways to keep prohibited military items off the site.

Sellers Drop Military Gear On eBay, Craigslist
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  • http://www.yo-mama-is-a-geek.com Paul Stryker

    I am not shocked after 911 WTC, pentagon, flight-93  attacks / events? United States of America’s US.Marines child molesting little girls world wide, and murdering pregnant women and now the army; they can steal too? So what. I support the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon Chavez in Venezuela and Iran and the rest of the middle east,  I support the efforts of the Federal Reserve Banking System and all it’s effort state department efforts internationally. I do not have a conscience regards heterosexual young boys and girls, (ONLY HETEROSEXUALS), of legal adult age as military soldiers going into war over-seas and dying. This is the natural order of humanity in which we cleanse ourselves genetically that only the strong survive. This is of no consequence the theft of military items provided we catch them and prosecute them before they re-sell or share technologies to the enemies.


    • Seen

      Saddam kill 30 000 during 30 years and was hanged. Bush killed 1 000 000 during 3 years in Iraq and why did not hanged yet??

      • Guest

        Your an idiot!!! Plain and simple!!

      • I wonder why Americans are so stupid

        All you have to do is tell an American what they need to hear and 9 times outta 10 their brainwashed-self is gonna believe it.

        Bush is the biggest killer in todays world, whether youre American or not you have to think like that, but no, some Americans think our problem is with Bin Laden or is it Iraqi fundamentalist or was it the taliban in Afghanistan.

        Bush killed those Blacks in Lousiana, he killed those people on sept 11 and  he is currently killing his own soldiers as well as Iraqis. People in the world have a growing anger and dislike for America and Americans so when the next disaster strikes ask yourself America why in the hell are we dying. 

        Bush is currently the new and approved Hitler, he is finishing his father’s war. I hate America and always will, you can not force democracy on people. These idiot soldiers will shoot anything for any reason but they lack a sense of self. If these soldiers ever regain their senses they will usually in up like Timothy McVeigh or John Muhammad. So, America is a cess pool of lies, destruction,  and  injustice.  America and its people are in this illusion that they are invicible but we all will see what the future holds for America.

        • Jason Lee Miller

          Those are some stunning delusions. The one I liked best though was about how 300 million people are exactly like. Kudos to you and your vivid imagination.

  • http://www.netndx.com sean

    I would like to see a replay of buckmaster’s testimony. That would be funny!

  • http://www.petfoodstory.com Pet Food Man

    What I take away from this story is: "If I can’t be responsible for my actions, I’ll make you responsible for the consequences!"

    The law makes it clear if you left your front door unlocked in a high-crime area and your home was robbed, the insurance company would argue successfully in court you contributed to the loss and thus are not due full payment for your loss.

    The U.S. Government, military included, takes a different position. It’s common knowledge if you have something someone else wants they’ll attempt to steal it.

    The military’s position is, "Hey, we can’t be accountable for every theft, it’s impossible to stop!"

    Since the U.S. Legislature can’t tell the military how to tend to their own house, they’ll pass the responsibility to anyone who facilitates the transfer of stolen military property.

    Auction or social network sites like eBay and Craiglist will soon be held accountable for ALL activity on their web sites.

  • Guest

    The level of profound intellectual back and forth on this comments page has left me breathless with admiration.

  • Guest

    Sounds like ebay, wnats to tale over Craigslist and is looking to the gov’t for help.

    As for Craigslist I don’t think it is a big terrorist weapon procurement center. I mean the CIA is more likely to sell to crimminals than Craigslist. We have warehouses full of military equipment that sit for years and nobody ever does inventory.

    It is just crazy.

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