Seasonal Changes At Google Checkout

    November 27, 2006

Google Checkout has, as expected, instituted a few changes in response to the holiday shopping season. Look for a smattering of new merchants – including PETCO – and for the opportunity to save $10 (in more than one way).

Our own Jason Lee Miller reported on some of these changes when word of them first leaked out. And as he predicted, people who choose to shop through Google Checkout will “get $10 off purchases of $30 or more before shipping and tax,” according to the site. Savvy shoppers may even stumble upon better deals, because “some stores may offer additional incentives,” a disclaimer teases.

There’s also an option to spend that $30 in a more charitable way. “Google will add $10 to every user’s first donation of $30 or more” to one of eight non-profit groups. In the spirit of capitalism, though, I’ll point out that traditional purchases aren’t necessarily an indicator of greed. Who could deny a dog the happiness that 32 tennis balls would bring?

PETCO – which has been involved in some charity work – is only one of several new merchants offered. Google Checkout will also help you shop for kiddos at Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us, or for more mature individuals at Linens n Things, J&R Music, and Computer World.

“Shoppers can buy directly from these merchants’ sites and use their Google Checkout login to speed their purchase process,” the search engine company states. “On average, Google Checkout eliminates an average of 15 steps from the online checkout process, in many cases making checking out as simple as entering a single login.”

And so it’ll be that much easier to stay warm and well-fed this winter, judging from the most popular items at Google Checkout’s holiday site. The current leader is a jacket, followed by a “chocolate fountain” and a coffee and chocolate set.

A recent post from John Battelle indicated that you might see some slightly unexpected things on the bill when it’s time to pay for those indulgences, however.


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