Searching with Artificial Intelligence

    December 7, 2004

The Accoona Corporation has launched a new search engine. The company’s Web-Search Platform,, features a breakthrough Artificial Intelligence powered search engine.

Accoona’s Artificial Intelligence Software greatly improves relevance by returning search results based on the meaning of words, rather than the traditional key word matching methodology.

“Accoona’s Artificial Intelligence Technology will elevate Search Engine performance to a new unprecedented level, allowing the most relevant search available today.” said Eckhard Pfeiffer, Accoona’s Chairman and former CEO of Compaq Computer.

Accoona has also entered into a distribution agreement with Yahoo’s Overture, providing Overture Targeted pay-per-click search results to users.

In addition to its US launch, Accoona simultaneously debuted in China in coordination with its partner, The China Daily Information Company, the official and largest English language web destination of China. Through a 20-year exclusive partnership with China Daily, and its Web affiliates throughout China, Accoona expects over 10 million daily unique users from China.

“It is my belief that, as a unique online business information search engine, can provide another fast track for the business exchange and cooperation between China and other countries.” Stated Qizheng Zhao, Minister, State Council Information Office, People’s Republic of China. “My department will continue to support such efforts to promote Chinese enterprises in doing business with companies throughout the world.”

Accoona’s International Web Search Platform is complemented with one of the World’s largest Databases of Online Business Information, comprised of hundreds of millions of records on millions of companies worldwide. The company has spent almost all of 2004 building and acquiring data for this unique business database and Accoona will offer this business information free of charge to Internet users worldwide. Accoona merges traditional website content with relevant business data utilizing the Accoona QuickProfile, a new presentation feature that takes the search experience to the next level. One-click access immediately delivers relevant business information such as primary contact, address, email, fax, phone number, and other important data.

Accoona also introduced a new interactive search experience for its users with its SuperTargeted search feature. The user has further control in the search process by highlighting key word(s), thus emphasizing what key word(s) are more important within the search query. For example, the user entering a 5 key word query is able to highlight one or more key words to prioritize the key words within a search query. The Accoona Search Engine automatically ranks the results beginning with the pages with the “highlighted” key word(s) or the meaning of that key word(s) that is more relevant to the others as determined by the user. The corresponding, “SuperTargeted” search results are then merged with the Accoona QuickProfile business data.

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