Searching For America’s Next President

And Google says the winner is. . .

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This weekend, as we fire up the grills and the sparklers (and some pyrotechnic contraband, depending on where you live), we also fan the flames of patriotism and of brotherhood, knowing that despite our differences of opinion in politics, the flames in our bellies are unending and conceived in the spirit of the unity of all voices.

That, and the fact that Obama’s going to wipe the floor with McCain this November. Wait, wait, wait. That’s just me, my wishful thinking, my getting your goat. Calm the heck down, I’m only teasing, except for the part where I think Obama will win, as he should.

But enough about that (seriously, I’m just teasing) and on with how our candidates are faring online, and what the searching populace’s collective voice tell us is important to them—Happy Fourth*.

Hitwise says Obama rules the Internet, much like Ron Paul used to. His website, BarackObama.com, received 79.25 percent of visits to presidential websites, leaving McCain with 20.75 percent of the traffic. McCain supporters, there is an upside (don’t get used to upsides, though ;-D) since traffic to Obama’s site has actually decreased since the month before, down from 85 percent between May and June.

McCain visitors increased by nearly the same margin, jumping up from just under 15 percent in May. In June, 45 percent of Obama site visitors were new visitors, compared to 79 percent of McCain’s visitors being new. 

Those could be Hillary defectors, one might suppose. Won’t it be fun for them when Bill has to pucker up to what he once called a fairy tale?

Ahem. I know, on with it. 

Don’t read too much into those numbers. It’s hard to gain any real sense of the digital tide. That same tide once favored Ron Paul, but also David Cook on American Idol, so place your bets. But there’s also this: Obama’s site is probably better SEO’d than McCain’s. Robert Scoble did a little experiment with the keywords "McCain tech policy" and "Obama tech policy." Only news and blog articles about McCain appeared in the top search results, not content from McCain’s website, but BarackObama.com pops its head up at the very top of the results for the other phrase.

McCain’s site shows up at the bottom of page two, the link landing on a page about health care, not technology. You could blame Google for bringing back poor results; I will blame, from here until well after his (hypothetical) election, McCain and his team’s lack of SEO savvy.

So if we can’t glean much from the amount of traffic each candidate gets, what can be gleaned in terms of interests and backgrounds? "Searches show that voters on both sides of the aisle have shared concerns around issues such as health care, global warming and immigration," said Heather Dougherty, research director, Hitwise. "This has implications for what content should be featured on the candidates’ websites, and broadly across all communications with voters."

Wow, actually some solidarity there. Those three issues seem to be on voters’ minds regardless of which side they’re on. Sliced into a dichotomy, just as we like it, searchers concerned most about abortion and education arrived at Obama’s site, while health care and global warming led the charge to McCain’s. These change periodically; gay marriage was tops in the first quarter for Obama, while oil prices make a sudden appearance this past quarter for McCain.

Surprisingly, though, issues and viewpoints aren’t the biggest driver of Obama traffic. Though the issues drive about a third of McCain’s web traffic, 24 percent of the traffic to BarackObama.com arrive there seeking information about Obama in general. Once they discover he’s not really a radical Muslim bent on destroying America, searchers start looking for real issues for comparison, like whether he’s wearing a flag pin or what some guy he probably might know said one time a long time ago.

Aheh-heh-hem. Search terms leading to McCain’s site seem to sweat the more important candidate stuff: issues and campaign information. Rumors and religion don’t make the top five, as they do with Obama.

So who’s digging for all that information? According to another Hitwise chart, Republicans mostly, Independents second. Aside from rural populations, satellite cities, and small towns, which fall squarely into McCain territory, most others, demographically speaking, are split down the middle, which should make for an interesting race.

Happy Independence Day. Vive la revolution!

*I realize if you’re not an American this day is as meaningful as Thanksgiving. I remember spending one July 4th in Japan, lighting off fireworks intended for Tanabata, a children’s festival about the same time, in a gravel lot with a Scottish lass and an Aussie hot-librarian type. They humored me, I think, because they sensed it was important to me, and remained supportive until a lone Japanese teen in black, a fan of the band Slipknot he said, stepped out of the darkness and imposed himself on our little pity-the-lost-American party. He picked up a firework I’d just lit—a real nasty looking one—and sprayed the area as if holding an Uzi, shouting, "I like destroy!" as we ducked for cover. He said he also loved America, so go figure. Point is, it’s just another Friday for you, but for us it’s sacred. Bear with us until we get it out of our system, which is probably never, God bless America.

Searching For America’s Next President
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  • http://www.gogimon.com search engine

    Not sure what everyone is thinking but Obama but one thing seems certain. If he does win the election in November then everybody will be making less money. His policy of higher taxes and social programs will be counterproductive for a good buisness envoirnment. So if making money is important to you don’t vote for Obama.

    • Guest

      Hi search engine.

      Try not to distort the facts.  Based on the two links below you it seems as though only less than 6% of income earners will see an increase in taxes on their incomes. 

      Here you find a table outling what "The Tax Policy Center" percieves the effects of the candidates current tax policy will be.


      Here you will find the detail that is often left out….the income distribution within our economy.


      Looking at these two things it seems as though the majority of Americans will see less taxes taken from their personal income.

      Does this make sense to you?  It is very misleading to say that Obama wil increases taxes on all Americans.

  • Guest

    McCain and Obama’s SEO will not determine (or I feel, even influence) the election.  People searching Google for information on one or the other want more info on something they already believe in, Red or Blue.

    FYI, I finally started making some money, and want to keep it, so I am voting McCain.

    • Guest

      If you really wanted to keep 100% of your earnings you would support Ron Paul. McCain and Obama are both IMF members and there will be no difference between them once elected.

      • Guest

        Well Said

  • Guest

    Jason – before you go around spewing your patriotism and support for Obama – please educate yourself on what this man intends to do when he gets into the White House.  You sound like a complete idiot.  Support the man who stated last week "I don’t mind the higher gas prices – I just think they should not have gone up so fast" – thats just great coming from a millionaire who lives in a mansion.  If I was a millionaire – I wouldn’t mind the higher gas prices either.  That is until Obamas new taxes climb from 37% to almost 60% for anyone in the higher tax brackets – which  represents many small business owners.  Support the man that wants YOUR healthcare handled by the government – which begs the question, When was the last time the goverment handled ANYTHING the right way. Support the man that for the last 20 years has been a member of and atteneded a church where the "great:" Reverend Wright has been teaching racism against – in his own words – Whitey.  Against offshore drilling, agaisnt drilling in Alaska – pretty much against anything that would get us away from depending on foreign countries for oil.

    You’ll get that and much much more from the man who wants to "change" America.  YOU @$%*ing  DOPE!!

    • Guest

      Please show links to facts instead of throwing numbers around. 

      Show me where the majority of small business owners show an income that will effect their personal taxes. 

      When did Obama say the government will handle health care?

      Can you find anyone that will say or any facts that state that Reverend Wright was teaching racism at his church before his rant?

      Show me where Obama says he is not for reducing our dependence on oil.

      I would honestly have to say that you are the moron and need to do more research before opening your mouth.

      • Guest

        I understand your thoughts, but I would have to assume that you did no research prior to your comments as well.

        I would suggest, everyone, visit the web site for Obama’s pastor and read for yourself.  It is clear and in plan sight.  I would also suggest reading past sermons, this is clear as well.

        Obam’s has stated, on more than one occassion that he supported, but with a modified plan, Hillery’s health care, which is, a nation controlled plan.

        God Bless and have a SUPER day!

        Roland E. Jenkins, USAF (Ret)

        P.S.  I am a small buisness owner and my income does affect my tax’s paid. But, I still trust and have fought for the American way of life!  Have you???

        What you need to be concerned about, as lot of my fellow vets do, is, if Obama gets into office, our way of life will, in fact change.  If you come to any other conclussion, you are hidding your head in the sand!

        • Guest

          I am a small business owner and I am not worried about my taxes going up…

          The American way of life is not to dump on the little people… at least its not my American life.

          Its not his name that offends you or that is pastor ranted. Its not his views on health care, gun control or taxes that has your all rilled up. The truth is, and your not willing to admit it, is that its the color of his skin that you disapprove of.

          P.S. I suggest that you watch the HBO miniseries on Johns Adams. It may refresh your memory on why American kicked the Kings butt back across the pond.

    • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

      Hey chill out.! You can agree to disagree without resorting to name calling.

      • coonass

        You seem to reserve the right to call names for yourself, when you characterized my statements as "lies and half-truths," thus calling me a liar.  I was not and still am not – your man Obama is still a crook.  He takes money, then gets laws passed to suit the people who give him money.  Look at the articles I’ve linked to from Counterpunch magazine (not a right-wing hate outlet) documenting Obama’s crookedness, then tell me I’m a liar.

  • Guest

    Hi search engine.

    Try not to distort the facts.  Based on the two links below you it seems as though only less than 6% of income earners will see an increase in taxes on their incomes. 

    Here you find a table outling what "The Tax Policy Center" percieves the effects of the candidates current tax policy will be.


    Here you will find the detail that is often left out….the income distribution within our economy.


    Looking at these two things it seems as though the majority of Americans will see less taxes taken from their personal income.

    Does this make sense to you?  It is very misleading to say that Obama wil increases taxes on all Americans.


    • Guest

      I agree with the person who called you a Dope.  You are a Dope.  Go ahead and stay tuned to the far left websites who will distort all the data that you want distorted.  CNN is so far left that they will tell you what ever you want to hear about Obama.  If you want the government to make your health care arrangments and if you have no ambition to ever be a business owner then please vote for Obama.  If you have a brain and can tell me what it is that Obama is going to CHANGE and HOW I will listen to you.  He got where he is now based on the "Word" CHANGE.  That’s it.  Other than higher taxes and more government control just what is it that he is going to change? But if you like the idea of never owning a business (or owning a business that is controlled by the government and taxed into failure) please do vote for Obama. Like the other guy implied, don’t complain about escalating fuel prices and their exponential effects on every business and thus on every consumer in the country either. This crap about business owners not paying their share of taxes is so ridiculous that it’s sickening. Go research some more and you will find that about 20% of the country pays over 80% of all taxes. Do you think those 20% work for the government? Hardly. They are entrepreneurs.  And, what’s wrong with making money? Why do liberals think that it’s all right to take my money and give it away? I don’t get it. Then, I’m not a liberal either! Wake up . . .   


      • Guest

        My comment was based on "search engine" post.  If you are asking people to not vote for Obama based on taxes then he needs look at the numbers.  If anyone is voting based on how the taxes are going to affect them, they could reference the links provided and see where they fall in the income ranges and see which candidate will allow them to benfefit the most.  For example if you make less than $112K per year you might want to vote for Obama.  If you make more than that than your best bet is McCain.

        Taxes are not the only issue people should base their vote on…plain and simple.

  • http://jumbocdinvestments.com/cd_rates_bog ChrisCD – CD Rates Blog

    Being internet saavy or having internet saavy folks doesn’t make you a good President. 

    As the heat has been rising, Obama has been having a much more difficult time.

    You want a President that has been tested under fire.  John McCain fits the bill.

    Good job getting us all riled up.

  • sheila

    America would be CRAZY to vote for ANYONE who has had (or has) even a small  link to the muslims. Remember the pilots of the planes that hit the Twin Towers. They pretended to be a part of us learning from our own people.

    Please get your heads out of your butts America!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      LOL.  You are hilarious…..and very ignorant!!

    • Astounded Reader

      Your ignorance truly astounds me… just wow.

    • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

      What’s wrong with muslims??  Would you judge the Catholics by the likes of Hitler or the pediphiles that have been found in their ranks? I’m sure every religion could lay claim to some wacko. Most families could! But if you insist on using familiarity to muslims as a bench mark on who should NOT be elected then what about Bush and his cronies in Suadi Arabia? Who’s got who’s head up their butt???

  • http://jumbocdinvestments.com/cd_rates_bog ChrisCD – CD Rates Blog


    It is not the gov’ts job to redistribute wealth through taxes.  If you think $1 Trillion in new programs isn’t going to raise your taxes, you are living in a bubble.

    Obama wants to raise taxes on estates.  Which, BTW, the people who created the wealth in them have already paid taxes on the earnings they had while being smart with their money. 

    Obama wants to increase social security taxes on incomes about $100,000.  I don’t consider $100,000 rich.  Especially with what people are having to pay for food, gas, and medical costs. 

    Don’t think I’m happy with the Big G that Bush has created either.  His spending in many areas has been way out of whack. 

    The Gov’t needs to shrink, not increase.

    Have a great 4th.  Remember those who paid the ultimate price so that we could enjoy it.


    • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

      Are you speaking of the native americans?!!

  • Maggie

    I agree completely !!! Obama is going to win !!!

  • Guest

    Thank you for your article and comments. Their inappropriateness for this periodical has clarified for me what I must do with my American rights. Register my objection by


    Happy Fourth of July !!

  • Tom

    Continue to demonstrate your biased, uneducated political views, but do it without me as a subscriber.  It is an insult to the brave men and women who formed this country and defended it through the years to have someone touting the Barack Hussein Obama candidacy under the patriotic July 4th banner.  CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION IMMEDIATELY!

    • Jason Lee Miller

      Look, a lynch mob has formed. So, since when can a person be called unpatriotic for preferring one candidate over another? Who defines a patriot as “one who likes the candidate I like?” Thomas Jefferson and John Adams didn’t like each other, or each other’s ideas…Jefferson was called a francophile, Adams a British loyalist…but could we really call their opposing viewpoints unpatriotic?

      What you just said wasn’t fair, offsides, even. Uneducated is probably not the right word for me, but I’ll won’t bother defending. And bias? Is there really such a thing as unbiased? Usually when that word appears, one biased person has called it up to use against another biased person. Of course, we’re all biased. We all prefer one thing or the other. I’m biased toward vanilla ice cream. Is that an assault on those who like chocolate?

      As far as the numbers and stats reported, those were presented fairly, I think, and I took up for McCain’s position where appropriate. I’m not against McCain, by the way, I’m fairly neutral about him, I just like Obama better from a vision standpoint. Believe it or not, he has a record in the Senate, a pretty good one, and has outlined lots of smart policies if anyone would care to look around. His tech policy, for example, is right on.

      I’m not here to convince you or evangelize. I like him, that’s the end of it, make up your own mind. But it’s kind of sad I can’t express a preference (light-heartedly even) and not get called all kinds of names. But, my skin is thick, and so’s my American blood, which is the same blood of veteran after veteran.

      So good luck hoping for a country where everyone agrees with you…it’s never been that way, never will. Alternative viewpoints are what made this country great to begin with.

      • Guest

        Very clever :o)

    • Guest

      Pure ignorance on your part.

    • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

      There are a lot of veterans out there who also support his candidacy!! Please don’t presume to think all veterans are for McCain. It’s just not true!! I know numerous Viet nam vets who are voting for Obama because for the first time since they returned from duty they have hope in their future.

      • Guest

        Be for Obama all you want but what you dont get is people who serve dont really respect Obama.If is simply a conflict in terms.

        If they didnt respect Clinton they sure wont/dont Obama. If you will recall Clinton was the first to not get a salute and the Marines stood with their back away from from Clinton as he exited transportation vehicles. Unprecedented.

        So Obama may mean hope for you but dont try and make stuff up that you know a bunch of vets. Puhleeze. Nice try. Saying you bring hope and representing hope while not defining hope is meaningless and sure to dissapoint. He has yet to say anything thru the Primaries that defined who he was. While his short record shows him as the most Leftist in the lowest rated Congreess since they started recording.. His books illustrate his character and judgement, or lackthereof.

        His not ready for Primetime candicay unearths daily new findings about this guy and his sketchy past and blunders that even a Mayor of a small town in Iowa wouldn’t make let alone a Presidential candidate. Take him off script and he fumbles. It is frightening that somehow this guy slipped past the initiation process partially let in by a media too eager to get one of their guys thru. And a base too eager for "just words"  (plagerized as they may have been) than substance.


  • Guest

    People are already complaining about Obama raising taxes! Just how do they think the hideous war debt can be paid? The current administration has created a debt of incalculable proportions (not to mention a dependence on China). Why can’t Republicans demonstrate fiscal responsibility? Clinton cleaned up the Reagan and Bush era debts. GWB has topped all previous debts and, in addition, created ill will towards the US around the globe. It’s going to take a president with cast iron guts to raise taxes, which won’t even begin to deal with the huge morass that will greet him upon his inauguration.
    And as for high gas prices, why aren’t people talking about conservation, smaller cars, car-pooling, public transportation, etc.? The US dependence on oil is self-defeating and is a constant source of unrest, especially in the Middle East. If $10 a gallon gas FINALLY forces people to address the situation seriously and constructively, then so be it. The US dependence and sense of entitlement to the earth’s resources is appalling.

    • Cliff Randles

      If not for the phoney enviromentalist ideas and thier paid for buddies in congress we would have no high gas prices as we have now, and if we had a fair tax to begin with maybe people would not mind a slight increase for a few months. and if you want to blame it on somebody why not go back to president Rosevelt.

      The problem is not anything  that the american people can not handle as long as we can stay free, throw the socialism loving people out of goverment and elect the people who are freedom loving americans who will live by the constitution and die for it if they have to.

  • http://my-2-cent-opinion.blogspot.com/ Guest


    If Obama is elected, we are all screwed!  Plain and simple.  When he drives up taxes, people are going to be laid off so business owners can pay their taxes.  There will be more people on the dole than you can imagine and guess what?  Those people laid off will have to be taken care of by those who are working – and paying (exhorbitant) taxes.  And who do you think is going to pay those taxes?  The rich, you say?  Guess who the rich are in the minds of the Democrats – anyone making over $75,000.  All the "rich" people and business owners who are able will do what the Irish did when taxes went out of control – they are going to leave, go off shore.  America’s production and GDP will go down the toilet.  If you don’t think this will happen, then you are sure no student of history.  Obama is going to lay waste to this land in more ways than one – by selling out our national security and destroying our productivity. 

    • Jason Lee Miller

      That’s a lot of putting words in my mouth. Look closely at the above text. I stated a preference, made a prediction, and pointed out some absurdities.

      You heard “taxes” and “layoffs,” but I didn’t say those words.

      So what you’re saying is, things won’t be much different from now. Last month there were 62,000 layoffs. The economy’s in the tank. Suddenly Canadian money looks good to us. Obama couldn’t possibly lay any more waste than W, could he? Your position, I think, is alarmist.

      I have no real beef with McCain, other than he seems to me a part of that grand ole machine that brought us to where we are now, W playing fiddle while the ship sinks, Cheney off in a lifeboat with some very wealthy friends. You came blame me in part for that. I voted for him. Twice.

      But the good news is that nothing kills the American spirit or “lays waste” to the nation. We’ve survived tougher times than W, tougher times than even lefty, idealist Democrats who give good speeches. As far as selling out our national security, you mean like trying to sell our ports to Dubai or marking out parts of the Constitution because they weren’t especially liked? There are lots of things Obama or McCain would have to fix, and to so, I think it takes a fresh approach. I think Obama has the smarts to do it.

      Like “uneducated” and “unpatriotic,” “ignorant” is not the word for me either. I’ll accept only pretentious, pompous, know-it-all, academic, idealist, jerk, naive, or just plain wrong. I’ve formed my opinions carefully, even if I haven’t always presented them that way. Cheers.

      • Guest

        Like you, I am stating a preference and making a prediction. I never said anything about being "uneducated" and "unpatriotic," or "ignorant." I also don’t believe there is anything at all about my position that is alarmist. 

        I will give you this, you are right; you said nothing about taxes or layoffs. This I got straight from the horses’ mouths – the Democrats themselves – they have said they are going to raise taxes once they are in power.  They honestly believe "the rich" should be paying a 60 to 70 percent rate.  What many of the middle class do not realize is that their tax rates will also increase in proportion to the higher tax brackets – to the point of being a burden on the average American worker.

        My comment about layoffs – well that comes from reality, having lived through it when Jimmy Carter said, “Trust me!” What followed was . . .  well, a wasting of the land – increased gas prices, phenomenal unemployment rates, and soaring costs. What were you doing in the late ’70s? If you were a working stiff like many of us at the time, you would remember all of this. The exact same thing happened when Clinton came into office in ’92.  (Go to BEA.GOV and see what happened to the nation’s GDP while Clinton was in office – straight decline across eight years.)  If you think these things will not happen again, like I said, then you are not a student of history.

        You don’t believe Obama and the Democrats can “lay waste” to this nation? Stand by…
        • Jason Lee Miller

          I can dig we disagree. I’m cool with that. The other words were used in other comments–I’ve been called lots of names in the past few hours. I can handle that too. I figured it would happen, even if I was trying to be light-hearted and good-natured about it.

          What was I doing in the late 70’s? Bouncing on my dad’s knee, mostly. My mom’s on your side, by the way, which is funny, since she’s always been such a Democrat and I’ve traditionally been a conservative.

        • Guest

          "Are You Really This Ignorant"……this is the subject line of your original post.

        • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

          I was a young working single mother raising my son with no finacial help in the late ’70s..It’s now just myself that I have  to support and find it much more difficult to get by. I don’t claim any party affiliation but do note that life has always been easier in general with a democrat in office even though I didn’t vote them in. I am voting Obama this fall because I believe in him.

        • Guest

          Nothing like being a defender of the elitists!

          Its about time government started stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

    • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

      You said "Obama is going to lay waste to this land in more ways than one – by selling out our national security and destroying our productivity. " Too late! Bush beat him to it.

  • Guest

    Have you ever considered what’s in a name.  People say what other people want to hear.  Take the name Barrack Hussein Obama and sit back and think.  Is this name American?  Check the background of the name and see what you find.  So many people a blinded by words.  I have 13 different presidents.  I have not seen any that was for the people.  The president in most cases is a figure head.  If he can not draw people together such as Democrats and Republicans then he is as useless as tits on a boar hog.  I am not a Democrat nor a Republican.  I am not a Liberteran or Independent.  I vote for the person, some times it has to be the lesser of two evils when it comes down to voting for the President.  I have been voting for fifty years and many of them have fooled me.  A nice prepared meal could look appetizing but when you eat it you could become sick.  In this election alone all of the Democratic candidates raised over 609 million dollars.  The Republican candidates raised over 353 million dollars.  The population in the United States are Caucasian stand at 66%, Hispanic 15%, Negroes 12%, Asian 4%, and others at 3%.  Are the people of the United States going to elect an American with an American name or some one with ties to a foreign country?  Our government and some of the largest retailers and businesses have opted out to carry their production to Communist countries.  Where does that leave us?  Are we sympathizers with the Communist?  As a true American I am totally agains taking our jobs to another country whether it’s Communist or not.  Everyone loves the word Change.  If you are going to change some that affects me then tell me what you are going to change and how you intend to change it.  The President of the United States cannot change anything unless he can get the Congress to agree with him.   People need to think long and hard before they get excited about the word change.  It’s all about the dollar.

    • Jason Lee Miller

      Is mine American? Miller. At one time was Mueller.
      Conner, once was O’Connor.
      Is it Hernandez or Patel or Johannsen?
      LeMaster? Giuliani?

      Unless you can name a Cherokee name, good luck defining one name as American.

      Besides, one can’t really help their name. Did you have a choice in yours? It’s not a basis for an argument.

      • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

        There are more native americans than just the Cherokee!  Sorry. I have native american (Sioux) roots and felt compelled to acknowledge them too!

      • Guest

        Its funny how so many people buy into the political propaganda.

        My last name is French and I have never stepped foot on French soil… what does that make me?

        Obama did not pick his name… it was given to him. Fact is, your are not defined by your name but by your actions.

  • Jason Lee Miller

    They are sort of, going for IT jobs…at least they should be. This internet thing is kind of important.

    McCain’s tech policy isn’t really clear, but Obama took about nine pages to outline his at the Googlelex last November. His plan includes protection for Net Neutrality, strong privacy protections, an open, transparent, even Web 2.0-ish government websites, and appointing a Technology Czar for the 21st Century.

    McCain, I bet, likes the Internets and the Google, too. :-D

    almost forgot the link:

  • Guest

    While we are at it, let’s consider SEO here.  A quick run of search saturation at Marketleap show McCain’s site has a saturation of close to 22,000 on Google.  The Obama site….not even 2300.  If you want to show how they come up in results, why not Google "mccain iraq policy" and "obama iraq policy" to see they are both #1 where it counts in relevant search results.

    I don’t subscribe to this rag for political tidbits, nor should you be providing them, unless they have an impact on the search business.  In the meantime, study up on "black liberation theology," the theology behind the man you support so strongly.

  • http://www.durabletoys.com/ Debra M

    OK, so we know that the point of this article is to explain which presidential campaign is making better use of the web. But is it he who makes better use of technology the same "he" who will make the best leader of the free world?

    I ask the readers to ponder this proverb: "When a small man casts a long shadow, you know that sunset is nearing."

    Which empty-suit small man is casting a long shadow? And will the sunset be pretty or just the end of a bright day?

    • Contrarian

      You may also like to consider that "When a small man casts a long shadow" it could be a new dawn starting…..

      • Debra M

        … but I doubt it. I do not think that the proverb "When a small man casts a long shadow, it is nearing sunset" has any reference to a new dawn.

        You didn’t get it, did you?

  • Nancy

    he keeps back-pedaling on his promises.    A few months ago he promised me he’d bring the troops home within his first 18 months.  Today, now, he’s saying that he will visit Iraq before making any final decisions about how soon the troops can come home.    He’s back-pedaling on amnesty for the TelCom companies/FISA bill.    This man who filled me with hope,  has started to lead me to believe he’s just another turd in a business suit.     As of this morning I asked to be taken off of his mailing list.   No more donations his way from me.

    God help America.

    • Guest

      Obama is just another turd in a suit. I’m glad you’re seeing the light. Too bad millions of others haven’t seen it or didn’t sooner. "Change" is just a little too warm and fuzzy of a word for most to resist.

      That said, McCain is a moldy turd in a suit.

    • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

      I can’t help but think you never were for Obama and your statements are simply ploys to sway people to McCain. These tactics won’t work. Now let me explain why. Just like you, most people have made up their minds on who they want leading this country. If they’re politcally minded they watch all the news channels ( to some extent) and are familiar with all the subtle inuendos. Your only preaching to the choir honey.

  • John

    I’ll be wasting my vote this November. I won’t be voting for either of those clowns. I’ll be choosing someone interested in bettering the United States of America.

    I think I’ll go out and buy some Obama/McCain toilet paper, so I can WIPE my ass with the both of them.

  • Guest
  • Coonass

    Obama’s campaign also had a page on its Web site from the New Black Panther Party from January to March of this year;


    I know that you can’t pick your supporters (although McCain caught a lot of Hell, and rightly so, for praising that idiot Hagee for endorsing him right after Rev. Hagee basically said that Hurricane Katrina was God’s work).

    But it seems that you can just knock dust away from the ground a little and uncover stuff about Obama that doesn’t look good at all.  Anybody can do it, it seems, but Osama’s captive press (which is most of them),

    So the blogosphere, once again, has to do what the play-for-pay press won’t.  And we do it for free, most of us.   We just don’t like being railroaded into making bad decisions and living with worse crooks than we already have in the White House.

    W may be a dolt, but he’s better than the last three candidates the Donkey Party has scraped up.  If the Democrats want to win an election in this country, they should work on choosing candidates who aren’t pathetic jokes.

    • Guest

      If you read your Bible, you see where God has used weather to clean evil from civilizations and countries.  Why would God not, let this happen to a state that promotes wild parties, sex, drinking, in the streets??? Do you really believe that he "would not do it"?  Do you undestand that he could do away with the "good old, America", at any time!  If we continue to turn away from him, he could do just that!  I have not seen any place in history, where we were praised for evil or turning away from him!  Do you????  Have you????  Do you remember what happened to the evil cities of the Bible???  Was it man, or was it God that cleaned these???? 

      I would suggest that this nation get God first and then get down to working things out. 

      Prayer first, before action….it seemed to work for nations and its leadership in history, why not now???  I really wounder, why, if the majority of this country are christains, then why are the few setting the rules around here???  Plain and simple…we sit on our backsides and let it happen!

      The new covenant that Jesus brought, "after" his death and resurrection, didn’t do away with Gods laws!  It enhanced them by placing "love" for all men….Not just one nation…but a love for ALL MEN!!!  Enhanced not deleting!

      Get the laws, as written by the finger of God, back ino our goverment, schools, homes and hearts.  Out of the ten, I can not see anyone of these written laws, as a bad thing! 

      Can you imagine a nation that lived by these laws????  Funny, I think I could unlock my doors again, as I did when I was young.  Play around the neigborhood NOT in fear.  Not worry about my children or grandchildren going to the mall or any store.  A place where drugs and drive by killings are a thing of the past.  For ALL MEN!!!

      When we get God back, we will again be a strong country, with strong believes, strong people and united.  Again, one nation, under God!  We can not say this now!!!

      We could start by a few simple ideas, like….calling people "Americans", not African American, Asian American, joe blow American, just plain, united…American!  No matter the color or background!  Does not "American ", just sound better and more united???

      It takes a good follower to become a great leader, as it takes one person at a time to bring a nation together, united!  America should be for Americans, not a divided nation…..not a divided people.

      God Bless everyone and God Bless America!  May God continue to shower this country with his blessings!

      Roland E. Jenkins, USAF (Ret)

      • Guest

        Mr. Jenkins, you’re entitled to your opinion.  I don’t happen to agree with it.  It’s a short logical leap from your position to saying that it’s time for a nuclear exchange to "cleanse" America from her wanton ways.

        I happen to be from the New Orleans area, and for every hard partier in Bourbon Street there are ten thousand people who just go to the Mardi Gras parades to catch plastic beads, no immorality or drunkenness involved.  In point of fact most Mardi Gras parades are family-friendly events with no nudity, no sex, no swearing.

        To blithely say that the thousands of people who died during Hurricane Katrina had it coming because New Orleans had to be "Cleansed" is to indulge in the worst and most vicious sort of spiritual pride.  That is the judgment of a modern-day Pharisee, someone who presumes to judge in God’s place, and it smacks more of John 16:3 than John 3:16.

        Judge not, lest ye be judged.   The next "cleansing" might be held in your neighborhood with a strategic nuclear weapon.

  • Guest

    Spouting ones personal political philosophy on a business oriented website does not seem to be wise policy.  Makes one question the validity or wisdom of the business advice offered.  From a business marketing standpoint, I think you made a big error.  Count me out.  I am sure many others will feel the same, whoever they are voting for.

    • mavjgault

      You just lost my business.

      • Guest

        I hope you go broke too. People like you are no good for anyone in any society.

      • chinno

        why thats my own opinion

    • Guest

      Am I the only one who read that and laughed at all? jeez louise. He said he was teasing, just pokin’ ribs, and stuff. It was like when a Red Sox fan pokes at a Yankees fan. And you all come in all grumbling and name-calling. That’s bullshit. You guys can’t take a joke. Getyour panties out their twist already. Jason, I almost spit my coffee when you write, and this article was no exception. I’m not saying who I’m for cuz I dont wanna be attacked like you. ha. Stay tough. And don’t let these humorless bastards get you down. I got it, if nobody else did.

  • http://best-relationship-advice.com/ Relationship Adviser

    What’s wrong with internet domination? Google has done it, Yahoo has done it, and they are all kings now!

    After all, they are fighting a war – the war for the world domination, the war for the presidency of the most powerful nation in the world – the United States of America.

    All the tactics and strategies available should be and have to be exploited.

  • Guest

    Here’s an interesting article about the current financial crisis and what it is about: http://www.christianbusinessdaily.com/article.php?articleID=12498

    Is Ron Paul out of the running? – http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/breaking/s_571996.html


  • http://www.shabbyrosechic.com Sandra

    Obama is just another good ole boy in the long line of good ole boys and that is why this country is in the shape it is in……….Maybe some day we will have people running that can actually implement change in the way this country does business. That is if the delegates and super delegates allow it to happen!

    • Billieg

      I agree but we HAD someone who was not a good ole boy…. Ron Paul but most people are afraid of change so McPain will probably win. Too bad for us, our kids and grandchildren… Goodbye good ole USA and freedom…

  • Al Wuori

    I see socialism coming to the United States of America – and quickly, too! Socialism has not worked anywhere that it has been tried, and it won’t work here, either.  So who to vote for . . . socialism or socialism light?

    • chinno

      i think american is tired of war i wil suggest that obama is good for american

  • Guest

    It is funny that we are talking about who will be our next president.  Obamma or McCain.  Well, if that is the case, so be it. 

    I would just like us to remain calm and understand what we are looking at.  Do not let the media, nor the comments of this or any other site control whom we vote for.

    Read the facts on both canidates and pray about it!  Please place God back into your thoughts and the right person will indeed be elected. 

    Our country was founded with God being placed first!  Lets not hide that fact, nor try to run a country without him.  Look at history and what has happened to every county that turned away from God.

    Could you make a flower?  Can you make life?  Can any man or woman cheat death?

    Niether one of us can play God!  We are only men and women that were made in Gods image. However, we were given the gift of thought and choice.  What we do with this gift, we’ll, it is up to us.

    I ask all of us, as Americans, pray first and vote with a clear mind and a clear heart.  In the end, we will make the right decission, with God!

    God Bless and God Bless America!

    Roland E. Jenkins, USAF (Ret)

    • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

      He? HE?? There are some of us who do not attach a sexual orientation to God. To do so , to me , is ridiculous. I also find it extremely presumptuios of you to assume God is not already in our thoughts

    • Garlic Bred

      NO - DONT JUST PRAY - THINK, REASON, QUESTION … for YOURSELF. use that wonderful brain that evolution has priovided you with.

      Gees… where do you start? Ive read all the comments to date, and I would have thought this readership would be half educated, but judging by the many rediculous comments I would say America is doomed to be a cowboy republic. Yeeee har!

      Just quit this stupid god-talk. It does you no good to expose bigotry and ignorance in public. Actually, I dont mind Christians – they can be wonderful people, but the American brand of god-fearing nationalism is putrid.

      I think Obama was spot on with his controversial comment regarding guns and religion. I think he has the smarts to do a lot of good things, I just hope that the American people will have the balls to support him. I dont think they do.

      I am Australian and Buddhist. We just got rid of our own W clone – a moment of great clarity thoughout the land! But now all I hear in our media is childish bickering about petrol prices, outrage and fear over the imminent carbon trading scheme… I am really shocked at how shallow and short sighted the average person is.

      Like America, we also have to pay for the last 10 years of neo-fascist government (dont blame me, I protested against Howard at every goose step, and have voted green since 1992), and for the last 100 years of environmental stupidity. Time to pay up, interest is due, now is the time to face the music.

      So, dear Americans – pay your taxes – its the only way to get the big stuff done. Quit griping about fuel prices – its still a bargain. Get serious about the environment – for all of us (its too late, but you gotta try). And ffs fix your health care system – its bordering on an international human rights violation. Maybe then, the world will once again admire the USA.

      • Guest

        What about the rest of the country?

        Not everyone is a bible thumper with the mentality of a sea slug. Granted, naivete runs rampant here but its a quality shared by many people in the world, including yourself. You presume to know everything there is to know about Americans by reading a few posts on the Internet or watching your TV. Guess what, slick? No one is perfect.

        I am American and an Atheist. I am also not one who thinks that because of my beliefs, that I am better than anyone else. Your entire post was a bash against the American public and the people who your feel are beneath you. You say you found Buddha… Where is the karma??

      • Guest

        You think Obama is above all this religous stuff? Have you seen the church HE GOES TO?

        He will go down as the biggest religous whack job EVER.


      • Guest

        Hey, Limey – next time you guys are about to lose a world war, call the Canadians for help.  You’re obviously much too noble to accept our help.  My dad went over to defend your pox-ridden little island in World War II, but if my grandson even thinks about fighting for Great Britain after all the attitude we’ve taken from people like you and the BBC, I’ll disown him.

      • coonass

        When you start filing Form 1040 with the IRS, you get a say in our internal politics.  And as far as our health care system is concerned, you don’t know a damn thing about it, going from your statements.  You really ought to try real news organizations like Reuters or AFP, rather than rely on ideologically-driven outfits like the BBC.

        People in this country who can’t afford insurance get publicly-funded health care here, for which the rest of us pay every pay day (it’s called "Medicaid").

        Not even the poorest homeless person in the US has to sit in a queue for a CT scan for a life-threatening medical condition, unlike those unfortunate enough to be in some countries’ national health care programs.   And everyone in the US benefits from the most technologically advanced medical care on Earth under our privately-provided health care system.   Unlike yours.

  • Don Morgan

    I noticed that you were sure to post Obama’s web address but not McCains. What’s up with that…afraid you might give him a link, P.S. It is my personal opinion as an American and a Vet that Obama is an immature and inexperienced. Who would be a better Commander-in-Chief, a former Viet Nam Vet and P.O.W. or a Lawyer?

  • susanmj

    I totally agree with this poster:

    "Spouting ones personal political philosophy on a business oriented website does not seem to be wise policy.  Makes one question the validity or wisdom of the business advice offered.  From a business marketing standpoint, I think you made a big error.  Count me out.  I am sure many others will feel the same, whoever they are voting for."

    There were many ways you could have presented the information in the article relating to good/bad SEO without dragging politics into it so yes, one has to question your real intent.  Was it funny, tongue-in-cheekiness, or even slightly entertaining?  No

    Count me out as well – I’ve unsubscribed.


  • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

    Who are you to guestion if Obama has a conscience when you write all these half truths and lies as if they were facts?!!!!!

    • Guest

      Well?  Name ONE.  I looked those statements up and cannot find anything that is even close to being a lie.

      Barack Obama has, if nothing else, helped condemn the people of Kenya to a bleak future as an Islamic republic.  His hubris and "audacity" have helped ring up a body count in Kenya that shows no sign of abating.  The man who Obama campaigned for didn’t win his election, so 700 people had to die in the resulting ethnic cleansing directed against Kenyans of the Christian faith.  That, miss, is a matter of public record.

      If you’re so concerned about half-truths and lies, you’re supporting the wrong candidate, because Senator Obama doesn’t seem capable of delivering a single speech in which the truth isn’t at least stretched.  

      Obama’s major supporters include a number of highly unsavory characters, and while excoriating his rivals for accepting money from "special interests,"  Obama  has accepted precisely this sort of money – he has out-raised McCain three-to-one, partly because of strong support from New York’s largest law, investment banking and lobbying firms,

      To paraphrase Al Gore, Obama’s background includes a forest of inconvenient truths – from being a legal gunslinger for one of Chicago’s worst slumlords (and you have to be pretty low to refuse to fix your tenants’ heat in a Chicago winter), to accepting high-priced staffing from Perseus LLC, one of George Soros’ investment partners, to help run his campaign.

      I believe in the color-blindness test.  The Republican Party actually DID have to deal with a prominent member who dwelled over and over again on the need to be "white-positive," who had strong links to white supremacists, and who as a young man indulged in radical politics centered around his racial identity. 

      Remember David Duke?  Remember how thoroughly the national Republican party campaigned AGAINST David Duke when he ran for Governor of the State of Louisiana and other statewide offices?  The current President’s father appeared along with President Reagan on television in Louisiana to urge loyal Republicans to vote AGAINST David Duke.  Why?

      Duke’s obsession with his "white racial identity" was incompatible with the core values of the Republican Party, going all the way back to Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans of all ethnic backgrounds who prevailed in the postwar South – until the Democratic Party systematically disenfranchised blacks after Reconstruction.  Ever since then, the Republican Party  has usually refrained from playing the race card (the Willie Horton ads were an exception), while the Democratic Party has traditionally battened on racial strife as a campaign tool over the whole length of its history.

      Barack Obama is the David Duke of the Democratic Party.  His manners are appealing, he can emulate sincerity convincingly for crowds and on TV, he has the undying support of the worst extremists of his party – and his message is a self-indulgent concentration on racial identity politics incompatible with a modern, 21st century political party which claims to support ALL Americans’ rights.

      The national conversation we need to have about race is very simple – "shut up about it, already."  Race has been discussed to death; it has been used as a tool to extort millions from major companies and the taxpayers, and to perpetrate endless cycles of affirmative action in direct violation of the Federal Civil Rights Acts.  And now it’s being used to shoehorn a cheap lawyer for a Chicago slumlord into the White House when we’ve passed over much more highly qualified African American candidates for the Presidency.  We’re being pressured to accept a corrupt loser as President of the United States because "it’s his turn."  Is he really the best that the Democratic Party can do?

      Where’s Colin Powell when we need him?

    • Guest

      If you think it’s just the right wing who are disgusted with Barack Obama, you’ve got another think coming.

      Quote from http://www.counterpunch.org/martens05052008.html

      "A CounterPunch Special Investigation

      How Barack Obama Fronted for the Most Vicious Predators on Wall Street

      Obama’s Money Cartel

      By Pam Martens

      "The Center for Responsive Politics website allows one to pull up the filings made by lobbyists, registering under the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 with the clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives and secretary of the U.S. Senate. These top five contributors to the Obama campaign have filed as registered lobbyists: Sidley Austin LLP; Skadden, Arps, et al; Jenner & Block; Kirkland & Ellis; Wilmerhale, aka Wilmer Cutler Pickering.

      Is it possible that Senator Obama does not know that corporate law firms are also frequently registered lobbyists? Or is he making a distinction that because these funds are coming from the employees of these firms, he’s not really taking money directly from registered lobbyists? That thesis seems disingenuous when many of these individual donors own these law firms as equity partners or shareholders and share in the profits generated from lobbying.

      Far from keeping his distance from lobbyists, Senator Obama and his campaign seems to be brainstorming with them.  The political publication, The Hill, reported on December 20, 2007, that three salaried aides on the Obama campaign were registered lobbyists for dozens of corporations. (The Obama campaign said they had stopped lobbying since joining the campaign.) Bob Bauer, counsel to the Obama campaign, is an attorney with Perkins Coie. That law firm is also a registered lobbyist.

      What might account for this persistent (but non-reality based) theme of distancing the Obama campaign from lobbyists? Odds are it traces back to one of the largest corporate lobbyist spending sprees in the history of Washington whose details would cast an unwholesome pall on the Obama campaign, unless our cognitive abilities are regularly bombarded with abstract vacuities of hope and change and sentimental homages to Dr. King and President Kennedy.

      On February 10, 2005, Senator Obama voted in favor of the passage of the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005. Senators Biden, Boxer, Byrd, Clinton. Corzine, Durbin, Feingold, Kerry, Leahy, Reid and 16 other Democrats voted against it. It passed the Senate 72-26 and was signed into law on February 18, 2005.

      Here is an excerpt of remarks Senator Obama made on the Senate floor on February 14, 2005, concerning the passage of this legislation:

      "Every American deserves their day in court. This bill, while not perfect, gives people that day while still providing the reasonable reforms necessary to safeguard against the most blatant abuses of the system. I also hope that the federal judiciary takes seriously their expanded role in class action litigation, and upholds their responsibility to fairly certify class actions so that they may protect our civil and consumer rights… "
      Three days before Senator Obama expressed that fateful yea vote, 14 state attorneys general, including Lisa Madigan of Senator Obama’s home state of Illinois, filed a letter with the Senate and House, pleading to stop the passage of this corporate giveaway: The AGs wrote: "State attorneys general frequently investigate and bring actions against defendants who have caused harm to our citizens… In some instances, such actions have been brought with the attorney general acting as the class representative for the consumers of the state. We are concerned that certain provisions of S.5 might be misinterpreted to impede the ability of the attorneys general to bring such actions…"
      The Senate also received a desperate plea from more than 40 civil rights and labor organizations, including the NAACP, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Human Rights Campaign, American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Justice and Democracy, Legal Momentum (formerly NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund), and Alliance for Justice. They wrote as follows:

      "Under the [Class Action Fairness Act of 2005], citizens are denied the right to use their own state courts to bring class actions against corporations that violate these state wage and hour and state civil rights laws, even where that corporation has hundreds of employees in that state.
      Moving these state law cases into federal court will delay and likely deny justice for working men and women and victims of discrimination. The federal courts are already overburdened. Additionally, federal courts are less likely to certify classes or provide relief for violations of state law".

      This legislation, which dramatically impaired labor rights, consumer rights and civil rights, involved five years of pressure from 100 corporations, 475 lobbyists, tens of millions of corporate dollars buying influence in our government, and the active participation of the Wall Street firms now funding the Obama campaign. "The Civil Justice Reform Group, a business alliance comprising general counsels from Fortune 100 firms, was instrumental in drafting the class-action bill", says Public Citizen.

      One of the hardest working registered lobbyists to push this corporate giveaway was the law firm Mayer-Brown, hired by the leading business lobby group, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Chamber of Commerce spent $16 million in just 2003, lobbying the government on various business issues, including class action reform.

      According to a 2003 report from Public Citizen, Mayer-Brown’s class action lobbyists included "Mark Gitenstein, former chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee and a leading architect of the Senate strategy in support of class-action legislation; John Schmitz, who was deputy counsel to President George H.W. Bush; David McIntosh, former Republican congressman from Indiana; and Jeffrey Lewis, who was on the staffs of both Sen. John Breaux (D-La) and Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La)."

      While not on the Center for Responsive Politics list of the top 20 contributors to the Obama presidential campaign, Mayer-Brown’s partners and employees are in rarefied company, giving a total of $92,817 through December 31, 2007, to the Obama campaign. (The firm is also defending Merrill Lynch in court against charges of racial discrimination.)"


    • coonass

      I don’t write half-truths and lies.  I leave that to Barack Obama and his supporters.  They have to lie and cheat to get such an obvious crook as him anywhere near the White House.

      I’ll gladly retract ANY statement I made above if it can be proven either a half-truth or a lie.  I am confident that I won’t be retracting a single word, because I take the trouble to research my posts (except for the amount of the Nadhmi Auchi-Tony Rezko-Barack Obama home loan, which was 3.5 million dollars, not 4.5 million – a simple typo, and it still places Barack Obama firmly in the pocket of an Iraqi billionaire).

      It’s so much fun to watch you Obama dupes losing your s–t when you’re shown to be idiots for supporting a profoundly corrupt human being for election to the Presidency.  You have to be a racist to SUPPORT Obama.

  • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

    I don’t care one anyone says. I love this!! I’ve read every post and commented on several. A very relaxing and cathartic saturday moring! Thanks Jason!!

    • coonass

      …your assessment of the thread is medically accurate.

  • http://www.nkpena.com Nancy Pena

    I don’t care one anyone says. I love this!! I’ve read every post and commented on several. A very relaxing and cathartic saturday moring! Thanks Jason!!

  • Hank Hokamp


                President Bush’s approval rating is now lower than the depths of hell. If Mc Cain wins the election, he will carry on with Bush’s policies et al. The American people are very tired of the present Republican administration and they want to change it PDQ.  Obama will fill the bill.

               It’ was quite a soap opera when Hillary was in the running. Both conventions should be quite interesting … to say the least. I’ m voting for Barack because I want change. Then, come what may another day!






    • Shirley

      Everyone doesn’t think Bush is doing a bad job. We are just all too busy doing our jobs to spend much time commenting on the race. We will speak with our votes in November.

      How much of the internet polling do you figure is due to age/income vs. internet access/interest?

      • Guest

        30% of the population is not Everyone.


  • Joe Goetsch

    This country needs a president and a congress who will get it into high gear and really start solving this energy crises that we are in. I don’t want to keep on hearing about how we are going to solve it by renewable sources. It is going to have to be every possible thing and some so called impossible things that we have not heard of yet. We are in a crises as bad as Pearl Harbor, maybe even worse. Right now that is economic but if things don’t change it will be much much more. Did you know that Russia is fast updating their military(missiles, nuclear subs.) with their surplus oil money. So who ever says lets drill where ever there is oil, lets start building nuclear power plants, lets get coal fired power plants in place of natural gas, lets start developing the oil shale in the Green River basin, lets get cars on the road that will ave 50/miles/gal, push mass transit where feasible, lets develop cheap solar power, and promote wind power, that person will get my vote. What about Iraq, minor problem compared to our energy mess that we have slide into in the past 20 years. Hopefully we are not starting too late to try and fix it.

  • John from Gr

    "Searching for NExt President?"

    Me too… LOL . But seriously….what is the world coming to when you have a choice bewtween Ombama who stands up for Jesse Jackson who is a white racist (racist against whites). or McCain who is another George Bush that can not be trusted & will do what he wants, not what the people want. America America America what is it coing too? OH that’s right the world has to self-destruct itself for the end to come.We are on our way there, But back to the president guess I will have to vote for an independant again this year. Too bad others won’t wake up & do the same. Independants are more like real people from the neighborhood, not all these fake lying politicians, So As for me McCain or Obama niether!!!! NOt hanks. Another thing that gets me is that alot of women want to vote for him becasue they say he is cute, how stupid is that? America needs to wake up! God Bless America? Please…. God can not or will not Bless America, America is cursed. THere is no longer prayer in school thanks to Aclu & stupi parents, there is nother spnakings thanks to cps letting kids act like idiots &/or putt parent sin jail & kids in foster care, there is no longer true court with prayer & innocent until proven guily, you are guilyt until proven innocent if you can afford it, if you have felonies, you can not vote in many states nor own guns to defend yourself, only the cops & goverment, church is no longer on the Sabbath (Saturday), peole eat pork (pig) which is an abomination to God, the same abomination the Antichrist will use to defile the temple once the Jews rebuild it (which means it is still unclean), the farm land or most no longer rest 7years, and the elections are rigged. It is no longer every persons vote counts as a single vote for whom they choice, they use delegates & they pick who they like more, and it is rigged. Everybody that wants to run should be alble to run without costing millions of dollars & 2 winners from each state should compete in anational election that is counted vote for vote not riggers by delegates & the ruplican & democratic conventions, and computers. So happy fouth of JUly, but we are no longer really free.

  • Garlic Bred

    What is it with Americans and taxes? Why do so many of them object so much to federal income tax? Personally I am delighted to pay income tax. It is the fairest way to make sure that the poorest members of society are looked after.

    In Australia it is our taxes that pay for hospitals, schools, roads, defence and primary services – the stuff that you just dont want private enterprise messing with – because the private sector isnt caring or socially responsible.

    And I have read a few comments from people who think fuel should be cheaper … OMG, you morons. If you want to reduce dependece on something you do NOT increase its availability. And anyhow, how is a government going to reduce the price? Please, just let fuel find its own price, and then try to help those who are most disadvantaged.

    Hopefully Obama WILL radically change the American way of life – thats exactly what is needed.

    Whats wrong with government health care? When it comes to health, do you really want  profit to be a factor? NO, this is one area that a government should definitely be in firm control. And its a topic that Americans historically seem to be particularly brain dead on.

    Right now, I really dont care that much about what happens to the USA. If so many Americans are so retarded and uncaring for their fellow citizens, (as many comments in this thread would suggest), then the only hope for the country is in future generations – invest in education, and wait 30 years… but the planet doesnt have 30 years… hmm

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

    • Guest

      Have you heard that there are 48 million Americans who don’t have health coverage?

      Or how about all those people who have are no longer employed due to the outsourcing of American jobs – and all the lower paying jobs are sucked up by people WHO DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HERE.

      Why are so many American veterans living on the street?

      Kids are not just going hungry in Africa… it is happening right here too!

      Gotta love taxes!!

    • Guest

      Hey Captain Kangaroo,

      What is wrong with paying taxes? Nothing. But should this money go to support an ever increasing population? Did you know our population is growing more from immigration than organic growth? More labor drives down labor rates. Illegal labor drives down wages and taxes dramatically. You said that making oil cheaper is the worst way to responsibly control its’ use. True. And providing benefits to illegals who don’t pay taxes is the absolute worst way to grow our population in a responsible manner. So are we "retarded" or just trying to hard to be nice/fair/compassionate at the expense of our entire economy?

      In other words; open borders and no welfare or closed borders and welfare. We can’t do both or we will have to issue more debt, our currency will fall and we will have inflation. Oh wait that has already happened.

      You should stick to analyzing your country which like a state in terms of population and let Amercians worry about America. Or you could actually step up and do little research before you chime in with this non sense.

      We could be like Australia and completley close our borders to anyone except the rich and educated, but then we would be like you. This country is little bit more hardcore than that. You sent Heath Ledger here and he could not handle it, because he was too soft. Here in America there is intense pressure, and from it comes all. Don’t expect you or the euros to get it.


      • Guest

        It’s true that I disagree with anyone doing anything illegally, however, people need to realize that the taxes illegal immigrants PAY have been supporting the US and "legal residents".

        According to experts and studies, Illegal Immigrants contributed 428 Billion dollars to the US economy in 2006 and the figures are growing.

    • Guest

      Totally agree.



    • Melinda

      Obama, unfortunately, has no plan.All I want my government to do is leave me alone, let me work and take care of myself and my family. I donate to charity to help others who need help but I do not want to help those who are merely taking a ride on my back Obama has nothing to quality him to run this country and is playing the race card exclusively. Anyone who is not for him is going to be labeled a racist. Well, label me what you will but I would not vote for him if he was the only candidate running. Why? He has absolutely nothing to offer but another step toward socialism and I don’t want to go there. If I did, I would have remained in Europe. The Libertarian candidate is looking better and better every day.

    • DaWebMasta

      Well, In AMERICA, our taxes are used to invade countries based on false information, and to launch all manner of weapons inside said countries, killing thousands of innocent people.

      Not to mention that every ‘program’ that is run by OUR government is a total failure. Ask some American Veterans if they think that ALL of our hospitals should be run like our VA hospitals.

      YOUR perspective does not equal ours. When Aussie tax dollars are spent on having the Aussie military be the ‘world’s police force’, then you can equate your position to ours.

      And yeah, we are so ‘uncaring’ that every time someone is in trouble, it’s Uncle Sam that everyone wants to come in and save the day.

      So yeah, we don’t give a rat’s @$$ about anyone. That’s why our country is trillions in debt and WE are paying for it. Because we don’t care about anyone but ourselves.

  • Guest

    To air your political views on a business forum is so unprofessional, I am blocking you from my email.  I am a regular contributor to the WebProWorld forum (WebProWorld Veteran), and in 2 years I have never seen this type of unprofessional behavior, perhaps as they are deleted by the moderators.  You should be deleted by your employer.

    • Guest

      You should get a life and a sense of humor. Really, you should try go on a diet and get a wife or something… or better yet – Hit the delete button of your life – please – do us the favor.

  • Guest

    The rightist views here are pungent. Seems no one remembers that when a Democrat was last in office we had a surplus, people were working and were not complaining about war[s], the price of gas, jobs, the economy or health care.

    Under the control of the right we have lost everything I mentioned above plus the Republicans have chipped away at the foundation of this country. That’s what I call being Patriotic.

    Where in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution or Bill of Rights does it state that all Americans are required to put their hand over their heart during the national anthem or wear a lapel pin? Obviously, you forget when you were younger and how you placed your hand over your heart during the Pledge of Allegiance [hand over heart = pledging your allegiance to the stars and stripes]. Never have I placed my hand over my heart during the national anthem… however, if i were wearing a hat I would take it off.

    The Republicans seem to be a symbol of honesty and worthiness and I am willing to bet that you think that all the Republican politicians that have found themselves in the pokey, during Bush’s watch, are the most patriotic you have seen.

    Fact is, whether you like it o not, this country does need a change and that fact that you left is a good start. I know that McCain is not the answer. Is Obama? I can’t say for sure but I think hs better than another 4-8 years of elitist neocons.

    • coonass

      First, let’s clarify something – McCain’s not a neocon.   He doesn’t smooch butt to the Saudis the way that W does.  Nor has he followed W’s lead while in the Senate.

      Second, not being W doesn’t make Obama an acceptable choice.  Hell, if that was the case, then Obama would still have to stand in line behind Bob Barr – and if Bob Barr were electable, I’d vote for him over either of the front runners.

      Third, the reason gas prices are so high is that (a) oil prices have finally caught up with inflation – it had to happen during someone’s adminustration, (b) China is using oil at a rate that has driven the world price of oil up to record levels, and if a President is to blame for that, perhaps we ought to look hard at the guy who gave them most-favored nation trading status (Clinton) despite their failing to improve their human rights record as required by law.

  • Guest

    People c’mon…you’d think that after eight years (and more) of living hell as Americans, we’d finally grow some brain cells and realize that whether any of us votes or not, the Government is going to "choose" who wins…put the ones in office that THEY want there….deja vue? Your votes mean nothing.

    Time and again we lash out at EACH OTHER, concocting any nonsense we can just to try and be "right" regarding politics and predicting outcomes, when in reality the ones we SHOULD be yelling at, hateful of, blaming, arguing with and revolting against are the ones "herding us where they want us to go".

    We’re fed all kinds of bullshit to sway our thinking…wouldn’t it be smarter to "think for ourselves" for a change? Nah, it’s just easier to blame that democrat or that republican or that historical event and continue whining about how tough things are.

    Ron Paul was the only person who made any sense in my way of thinking.

    Best wishes to all…


  • http://www.findonweb.info marzena

    I wish both candidates all the best. but either one has no specific answer how  they are going to bring this great nation back up excapt their mantras!

  • http://www.peninsulapm.com Guest

    No matter what everybody thinks we must wait till november to find outwho will win.

    BTW, dont take this conversation too seriously and enjoy life (that is short!)







  • Guest

    I have to say I am shocked that a pro Obama article was put on web pro news…I am sure if one of us wanted to talk about McCain that would never be posted here.

    I am highly tempted to never come back to web pro news because they have not only insulted me, but allowed negative, immature comments to be placed on the site. What does this have to do with the web?

    For the uneducated person that said Republicans or those that love the Bible have the mentality of a slug, most republicans I know are far more educated than the democrats working at Starbucks that just listen to people say Obama is the choice and follow along.

    There is more in play here than a simply not liking a President because he believes in God. We need a President that has what it takes to protect our children and our families. Bush has done that. He has put enormous amounts of money in the schools to prepare for a potential attack. They attacked the Beslan school and they would attack here if they could. The FBI has tons of places they want to hit. Hasn’t happened, but I guarantee you that if Obama gets in the attacks will come in floods. America will not be America anymore…enjoy the freedom and safety you have under Bush as long as it lasts…If Obama gets in your life is going to turn into a living hell. Of course, the Bible says that will happen…so I guess us Bible thumpers are prepared.



  • DaWebMasta

    It takes exactly 2 minutes looking at the source code on McCain’s website to see why his site doesn’t perform in the SERPs. It looks like it was coded in 1999. This is some of the worst site code I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been a professional developer for 13 years.

    Almost all links are generated with Javascript so may not even be spider-able, images all over the place instead of text links, code to content is atrocious, duplicated INLINE CSS everywhere, you name it …. just about every rule for modern web development has been broken.

    It’s a wonder it shows up at all.

    • coonass

      … that the contract for McCain’s web presence was let to a friend of the campaign rather than a professional Web author?  It’s the sort of ineptitude I’ve come to expect from the Republican Party.

      Of course, Obama’s got real money to play with AND professionals from Wall Street running his campaign. 

      Want to bet that Perseus LLC (who lent Obama one of their major corporate officers for the campaign) or some of the other major players in investment banking and Big Law are paying for people who code for a living to run the Obama website?

      Follow the money, my friends.  The guy who protests the loudest that he doesn’t touch big-time lobbying money has the slickest campaign why?  Because those lobbyists are working for his campaign, regardless of what he says.

      The tooth fairy doesn’t leave professionally-crafted media blitzes under candidates’ pillows.

  • http://www.propdata.co.za/ Robert

    Interesting article.

    I don’t get to vote as I’m not American so can’t really comment too much.  Call me what you like, but I would have preferred Hillary over these two… but that’s just me.

    But I have to say that this has become a prime case of some brilliant linkbait!

  • Michael E.

    I subscribe to your newsletter for information about the web, not for your political opinion, (whether in jest or not). While the article itself is of interest, your personal comments are inappropriate and you should keep them to yourself. Surely, someone in your position would have their own web page to express your political views.

    As for WebProNews itself, should I find too much of this type of thing going on, I will block you from my email. Perhaps others will follow, perhaps not. But isn’t it better to keep customers then to loose them?

    It’s your decision.


    • http://www.diahmemory.com diah

      I dont see why there would be a problem when someone is trying to teach you a lesson and includes his/her own political opinion.  Surely enough if you are able to read this article I dont think you would be brainwashed with this article. 


  • http://worriersanonymous.org Guest


    Everyone but the American People – I have to agree with those that say that webpronews is not the place for this kind of commentary — I use it to find out what’s going on in webspace — I say cease and desist.

    If you are an advocate of change — see how much you have left when Mr. 143 days of experience Obama gets done with your pockets……..

  • George Wallace

    Hard for me to believe that a Caucasian man would be supporting a jungle monkey for president.

  • coonass

    Jason, it seems to me that you’re making the same mistakes the adbots on my blog page do in your analysis – they assume that every mention of a politician’s name on the Internet is favorable.

    Example: when the blogosphere was gunned up against John Kerry in 2004, Kerry’s own campaign was buying ads on many of the blogs that were cooking him over a slow fire.  The software just saw the word "Kerry" in sentences like "John Kerry sleeps with poodles" and bought ads on the blog in question.  It was great – George Soros’s megabucks were subsidizing the pajama media’s blitz against his own bought-and-paid-for candidate. 

    Before the DNC recoiled in horror at what was happening (eventually someone must have overridden the software, because Kerry ads stopped appearing over many anti-Kerry blogs), it was a good bet that more of their money was spent on blogs that were against Kerry than supporting him.

    And today, the same thing is happening.  Obama’s people are way out-numbered on the Internet, so the 3-to-1 edge Obama enjoys in political fundraising (because the big lobbying firms are sincerely thanking him for helping get class action suits against them moved into the over-burdened Federal court system with lots of folding green applause) is largely offset by the sheer amount of that money spent on automated ads which appear on every blog that mentions the name "Obama," even though most of them are saying "Obama is a crook" in various and sundry ways.

    Software that can discriminate between laudatory and derogatory language in blogs is probably beyond current technology except in the simplest of cases (like the example I just used),  Politicians may just have to stop being crooks if they don’t want their own campaign funds spent on Internet sites dedicated to bringing the fact to light.

  • coonass

    …he has high-priced corporate lobbyists running his Web site.  So much for "I’ll protect you from those special interests."

  • NotSoCool

    I really dislike seeing this kind of rederic on a professional sites, though I thought it was professional. It looks like WebPro News is getting in the poitical arena. Keep with what you do best, and not let this kind of political bias be displayed on your site.

    • http://www.catskillwebsitedesign.com/ SAL


  • http://www.maxifund.org Max

    Even this Google can predict? :)

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