Searchers Up For Wild Knitting Nights

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You see, as a man, not to be chauvinist, or sexist, or to not allow for exceptions to the rule, my interest in knitting is about as intense as my interest in, say, what shoes somebody’s wearing (unless they’re those killer liquor compartment sandals). So imagine my surprise when I found out knitting is all the rage these days, and the people they be a-searchin’ for information about it.

Searchers Up For Wild Knitting Nights
Searchers Up For Wild Knitting Nights
Searchers Up For Wild Knitting Nights

Pay attention, because this will be quick. Knitting will be five minutes ago not too long from now, just like scrapbooking went five-minutes-late just a short time ago alongside Longenburger parties – neither of which I would have known anything about had it not been for various women in my life who insisted I needed just this information cluttering up the nooks and crannies of my bio-random access memory.

Okay, so not as quick as I thought it would be, wordier too.

I wouldn’t know about the current knitting craze either if it hadn’t been for Yahoo’s Buzz Log (I knew a guy who kept a buzz log in college, but it was something else entirely). We may have anticipated that Yahoo would impart this knowledge, given their estrogenized (caution, made-up word) history.

Yahoo’s Molly McCall reports that the term "knitting" made the top 700 searches over the past two months. She writes:

Scarf- and sock-warmed creators have boosted queries for "how to knit," "knitting patterns," and "knitting yarn." "Crochet," "yarn," "needlecrafts," and "sewing" have logged upticks. Even "patterns" has picked up stitches.

McCall goes on to baffle fogies and machismo-defenders by pointing out a bunch of New Age knitting hooey. Spray-painted graffiti is so last decade – now Guerilla knittas tag bridges with cozies.

All you Yoga masters can go back to the turn of the century. Knitting is the fast track to nirvana these days.

Yes, they are making a movie about a knitter.

While the rest of you are working on your needlepoint, I’ll get back to not giving a flying…well, I’ll just get back to my own boring hobbies, like making fun of things I don’t understand — a Bluegrass tradition. 

Searchers Up For Wild Knitting Nights
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  • Monika

    I am a knitter and thought i’d shed some light. When looking for patterns and yarns you can be specific or just like screen shop and then check out prices, or one place may have a few colours in a range of yarn etc… so on your way to finding what you’re looking for you can get so side tracked with a whole load of new yarns or patterns or other fun stuff you haven’t seen. Even if you bookmark pages you tend to always search new stuff anyway on top of what you know.

    So perhaps that explains a bit on the volume of searches. It’s like tattoo’s once you’re hooked you want more, with kniting, you need more yarn for like 100 projects ahead, things are always on the needles so you need accessories now or more needles, never ending.

  • Kathy in Powhatan, Virginia

    I’m a long time knitter-about 22 years and counting and I own a knit shop, website and wholesale line of painted yarn. Knitters are making use of the internet in droves-blogging, shopping, podcasting. It is an interest that is social by nature and requires yarn, yarn and more yarn to feed this ever growing national knitting habit. And if you think this is a new fad, destined to go by the of scrapbookers-then you have no knowledge of human history and the importance of how knitting and spinnning have played a part. Knitting has been around as long as people have with deep seated traditions in the craft worldwide. While the “mainstream” might just be cluing into and showing renewed appreciation for the craft-it is so ingrained in our society, and enjoyed by every generation-it will always be with us. The internet has certainly played a part in this new awareness-it got your attention!

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