Search Marketing Standard Highlights for Autumn

    September 18, 2007

The Autumn edition of Search Marketing Standard came out last week. I find this magazine great as it features many articles of a high quality, plus it’s nice to read about SEO offline for a change, so I’ve listed some of the things I found of particular interest from the latest edition:

  • Improving ROI by tracking offline conversions; how you can track telephone call conversions by assigning a specific phone number for paid search campaigns.
  • Eric Ward makes some excellent points about how "your ultimate goal should be to understand which tactics make sense for your site." As opposed to a one-fits-all link building project where general directory links, for example, are unlikely to offer as much value as related links.
  • Andrew Girdwood takes a look at UK search behavior with some interesting stuff about search privacy, mobile marketing and the "another three" search engines outside of Google.
  • The SEM toolkit provides some favourite tools from search professionals, I found a couple of new ones from Andy Beal for Backlink Watch and the SearchStatus Firefox plugin which both look very useful.

I won’t spoil it all but there’s a few more interesting articles in the magazine discussing issues such as local pay per click advertising, social media, mobile marketing and personalised search which are well worth a read.