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At a Launch Event Hosted by the Local Chamber of Commerce on October 1st, a New Search Engine, That is Expected to be the ‘New Google’ From Upper Austria, Went Online.

Redball.info has the potential to match Google’s significant market presence because in addition to the general information available online, Redball.info provides access for surfers to information that was not easily or was not at all available before. Redball.info is a unique search engine devoted to listing public forums and news services. Unlike conventional search engines, Redball.info does not scan web contents.

More than 100,000 active newsgroups, some 90,000 mailing lists, and a large number of forums demonstrate the potential benefits to internet surfers. Hands-on information is being exchanged on specific questions or problems, and up to now, such valuable information was mostly ignored by surfers.

At its launch, Redball.info already covers information to the tune of 400 GB and each day some 10 GB of additional data is uploaded. The system is hosted by the cix.at hosting provider at 6 Terabytes of initial memory capacity which may be expanded at any time. Not only does this mean constant on-line availability, but also high speed at 2 x 9,6 GBit/sec.

Redball.info.service, an exclusive service by Redball.info, will regularly provide the readers with information to help them succeed. If there is a special topic that the reader requires updates on, on a regular basis, they will be able to specify it on Redball.info once then just check their e-mail. – daily, twice a day, or even every hour – and they will find freshly uploaded information on the desired topic(s). The user friendly surface allows for personalization and lends itself well to complex search functions. The use of simple graphics assures acceptable response time even with a slow internet connection.

Operators of mailing lists, newsletters and forums may register free of charge, and they will be provided access to a free archive, removing from them the responsibility of having to provide an archive service.

“To surfers, redball.info means a completely new approach to knowledge”, says Christoph Maier, manager of the company conceiving Redball.info. “Name a specific problem, and you will find information from all relevant sources frequented by the internet community. You won’t even have to visit all the forums you might be interested in, given that you will automatically receive fresh entries on your specific topics by e-mail. So if there is a solution to your problem online, you’re bound to find it in your inbox within hours.”

The services and access to all the information available on Redball.info are provided free of charge to users. For long-term funding of this search and information service, the owners are looking toward adwords and simple text advertising to be displayed in search results and info-mails. Redball.info advertisers may be sure to reach important target groups, given that this search engine attracts users with a very specific need for information.

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Search Engine Devoted to Listing Forums and News Services
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