Scoble Talks RSS in the Enterprise w/ Attensa

    February 27, 2007

I’ve been watching Attensa for a while. They are competing with Newsgator over RSS in the Enterprise (both companies make news aggregators that plug into Outlook, and both are working on strategies to go after big-company users because they are seeing more and more RSS users in big companies).

Either way, it’s useful to get a look at what they are doing (hopefully I’ll sit down with Newsgator soon, but here’s Attensa’s Scott Niesen talking with me and demoing Attensa.)

Hey, was that a new swooshy ScobleShow logo? Why yes it is! Damn, my new editor, Rocky Barbanica, is a hot dog! (This is his first video that he’s edited and already he’s making me look better. I like this guy!)





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