Schmidt: Google Serious About Acquisitions Again

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About a month ago – and after a longish period of quiet – Google arranged to acquire video compression specialist On2 for $106.5 million.  More deals may be on the way, as well, since Eric Schmidt implied this week that the search and advertising giant’s only getting started.

Eric SchmidtGoogle has "begun seriously looking at acquisitions again," Schmidt told The Nikkei.  The cloud computing sector is of particular interest to Schmidt’s corporation, as you might have guessed due to its ever-increasing focus on Google Apps and Google Chrome OS.

Then, with respect to the locations of acquisition targets, it doesn’t look like Google’s limiting itself to America.  Or even its market share strongholds of America and Europe.  Schmidt said, "We think there’s a pretty big investment opportunity in Japan."

You can be sure that a lot of emails will make their way from Japan to Mountain View, California as a result of that statement.

Anyway, Google should have plenty of cash as it goes shopping; the corporation’s stock is currently trading at 454.95 per share, up almost 84 percent from its 52-week low of 247.30.  Google has a market cap of about $144 billion right now.

Schmidt: Google Serious About Acquisitions Again
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    Nobody seems to want to write a story how because of Google buying up companies and the fact that they are spending 70% of it’s resources on it’s search engine that it’s causing problems within the company.

    Now it might not be apparent to the average joe user, but to those who want to utilize Google’s software to it’s fullest potential have run into bugs and glitches that Google not only will not acknowledge half of the time, but when it comes to money and the buggy/glitchy software is Adsense and it’s payment system, they will downright take their time to not fix the problem where it exists, but fix each individual user’s account as the bug or glitch occurs in that person’s account.

    This mentality of “fix it as it happens” and not fixing the source of the problems, have caused many users to question if Google is a top notch software company, or if they’re just a bunch of pencil pushing bean counters who care more about the profit margin and dominance in the software market than having top notch software.

    To me it’s looking more and more like they are more worried that they won’t have a competing product out there in the market than releasing a top notch product to compete with the others.

    If Google doesn’t seem like it can compete, it buys the competition so they won’t have to compete. Don’t get me wrong, there are goals of the company and sure, if you can throw money at your goal and be there tomorrow, who wouldn’t, but it still doesn’t sway my opinion that from what I’ve seen from Google’s software first hand is that they are favoring putting out new software at an alarming rate that they can’t keep up with fixing it when issues occur.

    This should teach people a lesson that when you put 70% of your company into one thing, the other 30% is very little to divide among everything else. So while Google’s search is becoming top notch, their other software is being neglected. No wonder if Google wants to get ahead they’ll have to buy a company to do it. It’s probably the smartest thing, considering they don’t care enough about their other software to pay to fix it, so just buy something that works?

    Don’t take my word for it, read all the complaints on Google’s own help forums about Google software.

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