Rosetta Wireless; Moving Well Past the Stone Age

    May 16, 2005

Rosetta Wireless, based in Oakbrook Terrace IL., gives a great new offering to businesses for through their wireless services that could present safe and secure access to key information in a company’s mainframe or network.

Rosetta’s system gives mobile workers instant, and they say secure access to all their latest data files and e-mail when not in the office. Unlike current systems, the Rosetta system is the complete, enterprise-grade solution, working over multiple wireless networks and with all wireless access technologies to deliver complete critical enterprise information instantly, securely and affordably, whenever and wherever needed.

“The technology will lend itself to a broad range of wireless data requirements, such as businesses, homeland security, healthcare, entertainment (audio and video), and the vehicle telematics market,” said Ed Bachner, president of Rosetta-Wireless. “In essence the end user really controls where and when he or she can gain access to their enterprise data, without having to even think about the technology.”

Rosetta’s solution radically changes the current wireless data paradigm. The new paradigm is to continuously pre-position data to the mobile worker, thereby freeing the worker from the systemic constraints of existing wireless networks:
— The Rosetta system is always-on, opportunistically utilizing both
cellular and Wi-Fi networks.
— Files of all sizes are easily pre-positioned during otherwise idle
— Once files are pre-positioned, complete, up-to-date information is
available even if no wireless networks are currently

This should allow the same types connectability one uses when being wired in a PC in the office.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.