Road trip report on my Sirius radio

    July 11, 2005

My step mom is in town, so yesterday we drove for 10 hours through Northern Washington (went across the Cascades). Stunning scenery.

Highly recommended. Anyway, we ended up in Winthrop Washington, a neat little old town. Well worth the drive to get there. But, that’s not why I’m writing here (well, that explains why I’m even further behind on email).

No, just wanted to give you a report on my Sirius satellite radio. This thing rocks. Worked all the way. I think we had 30 seconds of dropouts in more than six hours of listening (it dropped a few times in tunnels and driving through some heavy tree overhangs).

I love it because if you get bored you can change your musical genre (or, even, switch over to talk radio or comedy). Keeps everyone in the car happy.

One question, though, for General Motors or Ford: why don’t any of you put a headphone jack input and output on your dashboards? I wonder if Bob Lutz over at GM’s FastLane Blog has answered that? I want to hook my cell phone up to my car stereo (the bleeding edge cell phones that MSFTies are starting to get have 3GB hard drives in them so can store quite a bit of music and podcasts).

Question for Sirius: what would it take to get an entire channel of podcasts? Adam Curry is on from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weeknights, but that’s not enough. An entire channel devoted to podcasts around the clock would be awesome.

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