Risk It!

    June 6, 2003

“Often the difference between the successful man or woman and a failure is not one’s abilities or ideas, but the courage one has to take a risk and to act on those abilities and ideas.” Those wise words from Maxwell Maltz remind us that success in life is likely to involve some intelligent risk.

Those closest to you are not always supportive when you want to take a risk, are they? Sometimes this is because they are unwilling to take risks themselves. Sometimes it is because it threatens what they define as security. No doubt there are other reasons, however, will you let that stop you if you know that this is the best thing for you to be doing next?

The key to risk is make it “intelligent”. That intelligence requires the mind, the heart and the gut operating simultaneously If the heart and gut say no, it will be clearly very difficult to bring passion to anything, no matter how mundane. If only the mind is interested in the project, it may never get off the ground. Things considered “calculated” risks, are easier.

Think of the times you have not taken a risk–times when you talked yourself out of doing something only to regret it later. What can you learn from these times? What held you back? Was it lack of self-confidence, funds, time, or some other commodity? Was it fear of failure? Where would you be now if you had chosen to proceed?

Risk it.intelligently!

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