Right Media Exchange Revenue Grows 81% in 6 Months

    March 3, 2007

We released a press release on Wednesday at Right Media that talks about some statistics for the Right Media Exchange over the last six months. Being a stats nut, I love this kind of stuff and thought it would be worthwhile to share here.

  • Exchange revenue grew 81% in six months
  • 566 billion ad impressions were traded during that period
  • 49% increase in clients on the Exchange
  • 84% increase in impressions served
  • 50% increase in employee headcount
  • Over 1 TRILLION impressions have been served since the exchange opened in April of 2005.
  • There are currently 127 network, advertiser and publisher members with direct seats on the Exchange, including Yahoo!, Fox Interactive Media and LookSmart. Exchange members represent over 6,000 buyers and 13,000 sellers. More than 175,000 creatives are currently active in the Exchange.

Yikes, 1 trillion is a lot.


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