Rescuecom Sued Google To Get Publicity

    October 2, 2006

I felt appalled while reading David Parmet’s blog post. Apparently, he met with Rescuecom 18 months ago to discuss some of their expansion plans, which included suing Google mostly in order to drum up publicity.

Thankfully for his eternal soul, David got out. Thankfully for Google, Rescuecom’s suit was thrown out for being as pointless as it was.

Of course, Rescuecom got basically what it wanted: 316,000 Google results. At least we can rest easy that results #4 and #6 are about this lawsuit, and hopefully there will be even more explaining what these guys did. It’s one thing to file a frivolous lawsuit to try to make a point, it’s another to do it for greed or PR. Rescuecom disgusts me with this situation, and I hope headlines like this one fill their Google results.

Well, since Google was allowing advertisers to buy up the name of the company in question, they were planning on suing. And of course they probably believed they would gets tons of publicity from the suit, especially when they were proven right.

I’m happy to say I left that agency before they got that particular piece of business. And I’m even happier to say that the company was pimp-smacked by the judge in the case and told in no uncertain terms to shut up.

Perhaps these guys believed that they were in the right, but multiple judges have found otherwise. They probably saw all those Geico/Google headlines and figured they could get a cut of the action.

(via Techdirt)

If any of this is untrue, uh, allegedly, allegedly, allegedly is added to my sentences. Yeah, that’ll work



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