Report: MSFT To Spend $100M Promoting New Search Brand

By: Doug Caverly - April 2, 2009

Microsoft’s new search brand should be announced sooner rather than later, and when that day comes, it looks like the corporation is going to make sure people notice.  According to a new report, Microsoft intends to spend as much as $100 million on an advertising campaign.

Kumo (or Viveri or whatever the search brand’s going to be named) should get a hand from ad agency JWT.  Abbey Klaassen and Rupal Parekh stated late yesterday, "Industry executives expect JWT, part of WPP, to unveil an estimated $80 million to $100 million push for the new search engine in June, with online, TV, print and radio executions."

This seems like a good idea for a couple of reasons.  First, Microsoft is badly in need of some brand clarity; an official April Fools’ Day joke (unveiling "MSN Windows Live Search on") pretty well admitted this.  Second, JWT is capable of putting out some eye-catching stuff; see the Smirnoff ad below if you want evidence.

JWT has worked with topnotch names including De Beers, Kraft, Nike, Rolex, and Vodafone, as well.

Still, Yahoo and Ask have experimented with ad campaigns before, and their effects were barely perceptible at best.  Clever marketing of the brand relaunch won’t save Microsoft’s search share in the long term unless some genuine innovations are introduced at the same time.

Doug Caverly

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  • JET

    Spending $100 million on an ad campaign will not help Microsoft to increase its market share. Microsoft must come up with a game changer that is revolutionary. The most successful site are learned about by word of mouth. Microsoft must change their format, do something different, look different, deliver different services that matters. While Google is good, most search engines are adequate for most searches. The must give users a compelling reason to switch.

  • SEO Alchemist

    Given that until recently Google boasted of a zero advertising budget, it’s going to take more than advertising from MS to regain market share.

    Ask tried a big splash not long ago, as part of a “recovery strategy” that showed a slight short term lift, and then nothing worth reporting.

    From what I can tell, there was never a problem with their Live search brand, other than it was competing with MSN search.

    What made MS think that they needed two brands when Google and Yahoo are beating them with one? Adding a third will only make things worse if they don’t kill off the other two first.

    In the mean time, Google will probably read the article with glee, as in the absence of a superior search engine – for searchers, not just advertisers – it’s just another way for MS to throw money down the drain.

  • Assembly Jobs

    Let’s see what happens. But most probably, I guess the results will be negative unless their SE results deliver how users want them to be. Branding is not the issue here but quality is. Best of Luck MSFT.

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