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You may be in the market for a new website. Perhaps you may be looking for a new logo or a database constructed for yourself or a small business.

There are plenty of freelancers out there that are just itching to help you out. These freelancers canvas eBay-like environments and bid on your job. Of course there will be those who will bid relatively low, just trying to get the job, as well as at a relatively higher price. There are several good websites you can find these coders and at a substantially reduced price. You can save up to 75% without batting an eyelash.

Rent-a-coder or rentacoder.com is one of the best freelance sites on the web today. If you are a buyer looking for quality technical support, Rent-a-coder or RAC is a great place to start. You post an online auction by selecting the field that your project relates too and set a maximum bidder on your project. Upon approval from a reviewer, your auction is begun and will run the duration you set it too. Once you are notified that the auction begins, your mail inbox will start to receive emails from various professionals and gurus who are more than qualified to get the job done.

Like eBay, these professionals have a feedback rating that tells the world at large that they can meet deadlines and perform quality work. Your decision is based in two parts; one the rating that the coder has as well as the bid price. Should both of these meet your criteria, you can select the coder to begin the project for you. You will escrow funds for the coder via credit card or paypal and wait for the confirmation letter for the coder to begin work.

Once your contact information has been established, the coder will work until the job is completed to your liking. Once you approve, you can accept the job as 100% and your project is complete. If you are not happy you can have the coder continue to rework the project until you are satisfied. Once you are satisfied with the quality of work. You can exchange feedback with the coder. The coder’s feedback should commensurate with the quality and timeliness. You can expect a good reference to the coder will garnish a positive reference for yourself. People will want to work with buyers who can describe the project and let them get to work. There are over 80,000 coders on Rent-A-Coder today.

If you are a freelancer looking for work, this place is for you. You can earn up to 85% of the auction fee by doing simple to complex assignment for various businesses and people around the world. You can gain a positive reputation as well as steady repeat business by performing the work as efficiently and quickly as humanly possible. As you receive more feedback ratings your rank will shoot up higher depending on the point system. Rent-a-coder, provides a unique experience that does not cost the coder a dime to join. They will pay a percentage of the completed job at the end of the transaction. The coder can also be paid by Paypal or check every 15th and 30th of each month.

Another popular site which mirrors Rent-a-coder is E-Lance.com. E-lance provides a wide range of services in the market place today. However the only major difference between E-Lance and Rent-a-coder is that Rent-a-coder does not charge a quarterly service fee depending on your specialty.

The pro of joining Rent-a-coder is getting quality work done at rock bottom prices and the cons are some people cannot complete assignments awarded to them. You will need to ask as many questions possible when it comes to selecting the right coder. Their ability to get the job done is your primary concern!

Jakob Jelling is the founder of http://www.sitetube.com. Visit his website for the latest on planning, building, promoting and maintaining websites.

Rent A Coder & Other Service Auctions
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  • kamen123

    When dealing with serious projects rentacoder staff make mistakes. And they are proficient to blame someone else.
    You can read more about my experience with rentacoder at http://kamen123.blogspot.com

    • Sergey I.Grachyov

      The famous insulter

      • kamen 123

        Sergey please go to lie at rentacoder
        here your behaviour is transparent

  • nibble

    do not work with rentacoder , it is a fraud. search google and you will know why. scan thru. first few websites.


  • Guest

    [url=http://www.coderforrent.com]Coder For Rent[/url] doesn’t charge a dime for their basic package. All freelancers should check them out.

  • Guest

    Coder For Rent doesn’t charge a dime for their basic package. All freelancers should check them out.

  • Freelancer

    If you are a rac buyer (or coder) this is a must-read nightmare scenario, among many others online.


    Unusual because coders usually are the ones getting royally **ripped**. Ian and his staff may have been and should be sued for their increasingly pro-buyer bias – and I think many coders would/should join in a class action lawsuit. Anyone ?

    They now have many tech enemies who sometimes try to crash the site or break in the escrow and have created a system that allows freelancers to be cheated with virtual impunity. And the bias seems to be getting worse these days. P.S they’re likely to ban/discontinue/sue anyone that critcises them online from the site. Use with extreme caution and always protect yourself.

  • http://www.rent-acoder.com Andor

    Finally my site is getting some visitors.

    Kamen, i trully agree with your every post from the internet. Once i took the time to read the whole arbitration:))

    You handeled nicely:))

    Feel free to sign up at my site, ill give you the special status whitout any charge.

    Anyone who was offendet by the site in discussion, is welcome to join mine. Low fees, newby website, but working and live.

  • http://www.racsuccess.com/index.php Luis Lazo

    I own a website that teaches both buyers and coders how to use Rent a Coder with videos 100%

    free. I also created a software application called the RACsuccess package which teaches both

    buyers and coders how to succeed in Rent A Coder.

    Rent A Coder is for professional people. If you are a programmer, having the necessary

    technical skills isn’t enough for you to succeed in Rent A Coder. You need to understand how

    to work in Rent A Coder to take the best out of Rent A Coder and that’s why I created the

    RACsuccess package which is available for sale on my website!

    If you are a buyer, knowing what you need for your project isn’t enough because you also need

    to have techniques of choosing the best coders that less likely will let you down on your

    project or on the deadline of your project if deadline is really important for a specific

    project and you need to improve your communication skills in Rent A Coder!

    The RACsuccess package will teach both buyers and coders how to have a better and more

    successful experience when working in Rent A Coder for just $9.95!

    Check out my site: http://www.racsuccess.com/index.php

  • http://www.icanfreelance.com Freelance worker

    I use http://www.icanfreelance.com. It is way easier to use than rentacoder. and I ham loving the ease of use and communication abilities.

  • http://www.icanfreelance.com I tried it and I love it. ICanFreelance.com

    I am trying them out now and from what i see i just absolutely fell in love with www.icanfreelance.com. Now i finally have a place that I can get my business rolling.


  • Guest

    RAC or RentACoder is a good site but seems like they’re more biased towards
    buyers rather than coders. They have to come out of it else it’s still difficult to believe
    they’re doing the best job.

  • http://hvautpdwmgib.com/ xozlofjg

    gE0ddX pytlhwsmtygi, [url=http://tzrkxvgzmpzq.com/]tzrkxvgzmpzq[/url], [link=http://pevqtcpfjhbk.com/]pevqtcpfjhbk[/link], http://gmnskhfznrrl.com/

  • Guest

    If you

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