10 Reasons To Buy Vista

    February 22, 2006

Michael Desmond at PC World gives his list of reasons to buy Windows Vista. While you should read the article to get actual details, here’s the short list:

  • Security, including User Account Protection
  • IE7, with Protected Mode exclusive to Vista
  • Eye candy
  • Desktop search (searches local and intranets, and doesn’t kill performance like current solutions)
  • Better Windows Update, including that it doesn’t use the web browser anymore
  • Media applications, like Media Player 11, Photo Gallery and DVD Maker
  • Parental controls
  • Better backup software
  • Windows Collaboration for P2P shared workspaces
  • Quick (15 minutes) install

As a bonus, five reasons to think twice:

  • Price – is any of this worth $100 or more to you?
  • No antivirus (OneCare costs extra)
  • Vista needs powerful hardware
  • Learning curve
  • Some old stuff hasn’t been changed much

My response to the caveats: The security in Vista is worth the price alone; Vista is more secure than XP, and if you haven’t been paying for AntiVirus you are a fool; Vista actually runs faster on a lot of system (although some features, like Aero, will tax the system and are optional); if you can’t handle the learning curve, go live in a nursing home; the examples listed are better in Vista, and practically no one complains that Notepad hasn’t changed in over a decade, do they?

Some of my additional reasons for buying Vista:

  • Media Center in Vista is looking better and better
  • CableCard support
  • Windows SideShow is going to make laptop users VERY happy
  • Instant start-up, assuming it works and starts shipping on new PCs immediately
  • Windows Calendar
  • Games Explorer
  • Mobility Center

Sure, any one feature might not be enough for you, but in aggregate, can you find $90-150 of value in there? I can.

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