Real-Time Search and Analytics for Tweeted Videos

    December 14, 2009
    Chris Crum

TwitVid has announced the launch of its own real-time video search and video analytics features, as well as virtual gifting. In case you are not familiar with TwitVid, it is a service commonly used by Twitterers for uploading videos that can be viewed from Twitter.

The real-time search feature is pretty much what it sounds like. It aggregates all TwitVid, as well as YouTube video links that are currently being shared on Twitter. According to TwitVid, the proprietary real-time ranking algorithm then ranks the videos based on their relevancy to the search term, current popularity and buzz on Twitter, as well as by their freshness, with the newest videos ranking highest.

The analytics tool lets users track tweeted videos by day, week, month, or total number. Users can see how many times videos were viewed, as well as the locations of clicks and the top people linking others to the videos.


"The social web is constantly changing, and there is a growing demand for new tools that help to enrich the Twitter video experience by letting you share in a smarter way," says Mo Adham, Co-Founder of "Now, for the first time, Twitter video users can evaluate the success of their videos based on the information our analytics tool gathers about the performance of their TwitVids around the web. This is incredibly valuable for musicians, celebrities, publicists, marketers, bloggers, and others as a way to evaluate the success of their online video campaigns."

The Virtual Gift feature lets users give each other gifts, simply as another form of engaging with one another. This is not unlike features offered on other social networks.

TwitVid’s video-stats and gifts are up and running, but the search feature won’t be available until Wednesday.

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