Rapper Teaches Lizz-ink Building 101

    November 12, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

You’re about to reach the end of the Internet. Please keep hands and feet inside the web browser at all times. Final destination: A YouTube video featuring a link-building rap. And it’s not half-bad, either.

Just when you were sure you’d seen just about everything, Charles Lewis (a.k.a. Big Chuck, a.k.a The Poetic Prophet, a.k.a. m0serious), a Missouri City, Texas online marketer, reminds us that, well, maybe we haven’t.

If Eric Ward or Aaron Wall had done it, we may have filed under "Pimp My Site" SES tomfoolery. Big Chuck, though, boils down the basics of link building with sufficient grace, the rhyming of "bank" and "can’t" notwithstanding.

I especially liked this part:

So you start hunting down sites like a predator,
Doing back links on all your competitors,
Whoever linking to them need to link to me,
Is it free, do we swap, or do I pay a fee,
Well take it from us, before you take that step,
Some things about the site that you might want to check,
Did they use a link farm or some dirty tactics,
Could have a bad effect on your site that’s drastic,
Could’ve link baited, look at what they created,
Compare it to yours, is it even related,
Take the time, go inspect and see,
Take advantage of paid directories

And yeah, that’s pretty much the basics. Be careful of which paid directories, though.