Rand Fishkins Tips For More Traffic

    July 21, 2006

Every site owner wants one thing: more visitors. After that, their requests might vary from “more with my family” to “more ice cream in the freezer,” but they can all agree on that one wish.

Rand Fishkin, “the wizard of (SEO)moz,” wants to help site owners attract those visitors.

In an article on the SEOmoz Blog, Fishkin listed ten “remarkably effective strategies for driving traffic.”

His, um, number zero was to “offer something incredible,” an “idea whose time is come.” For examples of this, Fishkin gave Zillow, Flickr, and Craigslist.

Number two might be more easily achieved. “Blogging and blogging comments” are must-haves, according to Fishkin.

“Regularly blogging about your industry, passion or profession can have enormous payoff if done properly,” he wrote.

“Graphic and web design” are a vital element, as well – Fishkin placed them fourth on his list. “Use pure CSS, graphics, color and layout that mesh well and make it not only easy to use your site, but aesthetically remarkable, too.”

Fishkin’s ninth suggestion was to draw visitors by “creating controversy.” This approach has some inherent risks, and as the writer pointed out, “heavy traffic levels come through multiple channels, but your biggest source is often the direct response of the disagreeing party.”

Fishkin advised readers to “be sure you’re handling the dispute in a professional and even-handed manner.”

Of course, another top ten list (or top one hundred list, more likely) could be written about each of these points, but they are helpful tips nonetheless.

The rest of Fishkin’s strategies, and his in-depth explanations of those covered in this article, can be seen here.

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