Quarterlife Ratings Disappoint

    February 27, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The fate of the first Internet-series turned network prime-time pickup is uncertain after its TV debut failed to gather a crowd. The Web show “quarterlife” was dropped into NBC’s 10 PM slot last night and pulled in just 3.86 million viewers, which is fewer than even “Cavemen” brought in.

It was too late to be going up against “American Idol,” so it must have been another powerhouse viewer-magnet that the audience just had to see. First place for the Tuesday 10 PM slot: “Primetime: What Would You Do Now?”

Hmmm. Well, I can’t account for TV viewers myself – 11million people opted for an NCIS rerun in the 8 PM slot. “Primetime” pulled in twice as many viewers as “quarterlife.”

Maybe the hipster-geek-web-crowd was torn about what to watch. While it may have been very cool that a Web-show got picked up for prime time, it was up against “Jericho,” which was forced back on the air by a rabid, peanut-chucking campaign by the same set of hipsters. The good news is that “Jericho” picked up another million viewers, trailing “Primetime” by just 700,000 with 6.9 million.

I mean, really, it might as well have been up against “Robot Chicken.” Maybe that hipster-geek-web-crowd won’t be so torn when “quarterlife” is moved to its intended Sunday night 9 PM time slot when it faces…

“Family Guy.”

Oh. I guess a time slot against any of the incarnations of “Star Trek” was unavailable, huh? If you’re a “quarterlife” fan, keep your fingers crossed that it ends up shown on Saturday afternoons.