PubSub Celebrates Football Season

    August 29, 2005

Hear that sound? The sound of pads hitting together signifying It’s almost time for the gridiron giants to resume their modern day re-enactment of the gladiator competitions from so long ago? Yes folks, it’s almost time for football season to start.

To celebrate the return of America’s sport (sorry baseball), blog search engine PubSub recently launched PubSub Football, a service that tracks over 14 million blogs and other sources to provide users with up-to-the-minute news and discussions about the upcoming NFL season.

PubSub Celebrates Football Season

Featured in this service is the ability to search for individual players, as well as a football field representation featuring clickable graphics of the various football positions. As indicated by PubSub, the football feature makes use of PubSub’s matching engine, which is used to provide users with the pertinent information. To make the player search more robust, PubSub has started a subscription for every player on every team, a feature sure to please the tons of fantasy footballers out there (myself included).

PubSub Football is also supported by the PubSub sidebars, so users can stay completely up to date on their favorite players with having to navigate to PubSub’s main page each time they want to check on a player’s performance. PubSub’s football service is free to all users. However, in order to start a subscription, users must register for an account.

Are you ready for some football? PubSub sure is.

Hat-tip to Gary Price at the SEW blog.

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