Publishers Support Video Advertising

    March 14, 2007
  has released the results of its 2007 online publisher survey. The online survey examines publisher predictions for online advertising revenue growth, advertiser goals and advertising capabilities for 2007.

Survey findings support industry predictions about the growth of online video, with 80 percent more publishers supporting video advertising in 2007 compared to 2006. Out of sites streaming content 100 percent are monetizing it with video advertising. Publishers also plan to add more streaming content to their sites in 2007 and will mainly use original content instead of user- generated or syndicated content.

User-generated content saw a small increase this year because, as one survey respondent said, publishers have not found a way to “filter or monitor user-generated content effectively."

“Video has a lot of value for advertisers. It carries great emotional impact like TV, yet it can be measured and can’t be skipped. That value means publishers can command higher CPMs — hence the rise of streaming content," said David Jacobs, senior vice president of publisher services for

One trend from the survey had to do with the objectives advertisers want to achieve using online advertising.

Traditional offline advertisers will continue to spend more on online advertising, which has been the trend for the last three years, advertisers will use the Internet to achieve hybrid goals. The move toward hybrid campaigns had implications for a wide range of other survey findings including the dominance of CPM pricing models, the focus on larger ad sizes, and the use of advertising formats such as video and rich media. Factors usually associated with direct-response advertising, such as text links and CPC/C PA pricing, were expected to decrease in 2007.